#RWRunStreak Check In: Day 19

So I’m just about done with the third week of the RWRunStreak, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with how I’ve done with the challenge so far.  It hasn’t been hard at all to fit in one mile a day, even on days when the schedule is busy.  It only takes a few minutes, really.   The only day I missed an “official” run was two weeks ago for my big race, but I definitely walked a mile that day doing everything that needed to be done.

My RunKeeper now tells me after every run that I’ve set a new record for activities, which is funny.  Because my distance isn’t that much greater than when I ran three times a week, because I was logging three or four miles each time (sometimes more).   Still it’s only the 15th, and the consistency I think will definitely push my mileage per week to new heights.  Especially now as the weather has gotten warmer and the kids will be out of school soon.  That was when I really fell off the wagon on running last year, and I am definitely committed to making sure that doesn’t happen with the streak.

I’m also really starting to see a difference in my attitude when I run.  I can push myself a little bit harder knowing it’s a short distance, so my speeds are coming up.  I am so curious to see what happens at next weekend’s 5K.  I think it’s the same course I ran last September, after not having run for over a month.  I logged that 5K in 40:03, one of my worst times ever.  If it is the same course, it should be flat, and I am truly hoping to PR it.   My run this morning, on a hilly course, averaged 11:20 min/mile.  If I could keep that pace in next week’s flat course, I would go sub 35, which would definitely be a PR (my best is 35:35).  So I am really going to try for that.  It would be great to knock five minutes off of last year’s time.

So overall I am super excited that I took up this challenge and I’m seeing real benefits.

Week 1 mileage:  14.6 miles
Week 2 mileage:  12.3 miles
Week 3 mileage;  14.7 miles

Total for the streak: 41 .6 miles in 19 days.  I’m averaging 2.2 miles a day (double the challenge!).  I’ll take it!

PS:  My side is still sore but definitely on the mend.  I was able to do bootcamp yesterday with just a few slight modifications.  I’m hoping to be injury free by next weekend’s race.  🙂




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