Wednesday Weigh In: Injured Edition

I’m up slightly over last week, 0.4 lbs.   I’m not terribly surprised by it, though concerned because as of Saturday I was down 1.8 lbs from where I sit today.  I can think of the several instances where my choices weren’t ideal.  But I’m more concerned about something else this week.

I’m injured.  I don’t really know what’s wrong and I am really hoping it works itself out soon, though it’s gotten worse, not better, since I started noticing the problem last week.

Around Wednesday or Thursday last week I noticed a slight pain in my left side, near and kind of just under my rib cage.  I would feel it, like a stitch in my side, when I breathed deep, stretched or moved the wrong way.  Not terribly painful, but definitely there and slightly annoying.  I kept going about my usual routine with the running and the bootcamp.  I worried about bootcamp on Saturday morning, telling myself that I would modify anything that hurt.  But nothing did.  I got through two hours without making the problem worse and didn’t think much of it.

By Monday morning the pain was still there, but not terrible.  About the same.  It was annoying on my four mile run on Sunday, because your breathing is such an issue when you run distance.  But still.  I got through it.  I went to bootcamp Monday morning.

During bootcamp, something happened.  I went to do a burpee and as I jumped my feet back, I felt that pain in a much different way.  It jabbed, white hot.  Like I definitely tore or pulled or did something right in that moment.  It took my breath away.  I tried to keep going through the rest of the hour long workout, but it was hard.  I definitely should have stopped right there but I didn’t want to walk out of class.

It’s been really sore ever since.  It was slightly better after I took some ibuprofen and iced it, but still definitely there.  I’m wondering how long this goes on before I go to a doctor.  And if he can really tell me to do anything other than to rest it?

For now, I’m still doing my run a day streak, but slowly.  I don’t feel like the runs make it worse.  Beyond that, I’m going to wait to go back to bootcamp for a few days to see if I start to feel better.  When I do, I will ask the instructor how to modify the exercises.

You sure don’t appreciate all your body can do until it can’t do.  😦

Current Week:  -+0.4
Total Weight Left To Lose:  17.8 lbs
Age:  42
BMI:  28.9


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