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Week 13 Weigh In/Round 3 of FMD

Start of Week 12: 159
End of Week 12: 160
Weight Gain This Week: 1 lb
Total Weight Loss: 15 lbs
Round 3 Results:  +1 lb

Well, there it is.  The numbers don’t lie, and that’s exactly why I’m using this blog to keep myself accountable, even if no one reads it.  I need to be honest with where I am and why this round wasn’t successful.

The simple answer:   I didn’t stay on plan.

The more complicated answer:  This round of the Fast Metabolism Diet occurred at the end of my school year, which included five or six graduation parties and a 12 hour road trip to a family wedding.  But it isn’t just those…there were definitely days which included clear choices to eat food not on program, and there were many times when I allowed myself alcohol. Even though I had much more consistent exercise this round than the previous two, I still did not see the results I wanted.  I had hoped to lose five pounds this round and I instead gained weight.

The only upside I will say about it is, these same choices that slowed my progress on the program this round are the same types of choices I let run wild last summer.  That’s how I gained 15 pounds from May through September.  I drank, I ate, and thought I could erase it all with exercise.  The lesson here is clear:  food choices are everything.  Exercise is a great addition to any eating plan but there is no substitute for good, clean eating to lose weight.  So while I did post a gain here, I did much better than last summer and am committed to keeping myself in check for the next four weeks.

I’ll be rereading the book this week, making a trip to the grocery now that I am back home and get back to the recipes and choices that will get me back on track.

Exercise this past week:

M:  42 lap swim
T: none – 12 hour car ride
W: 7.15 mile walk
Th: 3.7 mile walk
Fri: 3.25 mile walk
Sa: 2.9 mile walk
Su: none – 12 hour car ride


Week 9 on the FMD

Start of Week 9: 159
End of Week 9:  160
Weight Gain This Week: +1 lb
Total Weight Loss: 15 lbs

Exercise this week:
LIterally nothing other than long days of taking care of out of town guests and party prep for my daughter’s graduation party.

This post should be titled “Week 9 Sort of Not Really On The FMD.”

This week was a crazy one.  Last week of work at school, daughter’s graduation and party, my father and son and parents in law coming in from out of town.  Something has happened in the last few years with the parents…it has gone from them coming and helping us with food and dinners and cleaning to us taking care of them and making sure they are safe and cared for when they visit.  Both my father and parents in law are in late 70s/early 80s and it is starting to show with them.

Graduation was Thursday and our party was Saturday so there was much to do.  Throw into that mix my husband taking chemo therapy and my daughter starting a new job and I was barely staying afloat.  I ate on plan about 60 % of the time I’d say, and there was alcohol every single day.  By the end of the week I could feel that familiar complacency of “well, I’ve been doing this all week and it hasn’t been so bad.”  I saw a 158 on the scale during this week and got lazy.

So the scale was a reality check this morning.  Up a pound over last week.  If I want to keep losing weight I have to do better.  Back on the program I go.  Looking forward to getting back on track this week.  I plan on starting my triathlon training this week too…so here’s to a summer of exercise, delicious food that is healthy, and more continued weight loss.

Fast Metabolism Diet 28 Day Recap

Starting Weight:  175

28 Day Weigh In:  166.6

Weight Loss:  8.4 pounds

I am so grateful I decided to get back on the wagon last month and do the FMD plan.  I had been struggling for the last year with unexplained weight gain and just feeling miserable about my body and myself. Nothing was working.  I needed the structure of being told what to eat and when to eat it.

Was I perfect?  Obviously not, particularly in the last week.  I only lost .4 pounds in week 4, and I had hoped for 2.  That was one hundred percent my fault, having had wine 3 out of the 7 days and having had a crazy weekend this past.  Do I feel badly about it?  If I’m being honest, not really.  I made the choice to not have a salad at dinner on Saturday, and I certainly didn’t need that second glass of wine.

But I’m OK with it.  I am certainly seeing results of changing my habits, cutting out certain foods and reducing my consumption of others.  I would be grateful for being 8 pounds down in a month on any plan, so I’m taking it and moving on.

My plan now is to do another round:  I would like to lose about 30 pounds more.  Which means probably a summer of FMDing.  I’m OK with it.  I’m exploring new recipes and foods all of the time and making this a lifestyle I can adjust and work with.

I won’t blog daily.  I will post weekly weigh in results and other fitness/health/diet related things as I used to do with this blog.  But I’m back in the game.  And I feel really good about it.

Week 1 Day 6 on the FMD

I thought yesterday’s crazy day, coupled with the higher fat options in Phase 3, would show a bump on the scale this morning.  I was prepared for it.  I was shocked to see it down again by another pound.  That made all the resisting temptation the night before worth it.  I know the first week is always the biggest losses and that it is probably mostly bloat and water, but it is still better than going the other direction.

One thing I’m noticing and maybe this is just the first week of the plan but I think I have been to the store almost every day this week, as I navigate the plan.  But the plus side of that is I’m really doing a better job of exploring what I want to eat within the parameters of the plan and so I really am not feeling deprived.  That being said yesterday when I went to get almond butter I grabbed a big bag of clementines not realizing they weren’t Phase 3.  Oops.  Guess what I’ll be eating a lot of come Monday and Tuesday?

Weight:  170.2

Breakfast:  Sprouted grain toast with guacamole topped with sliced cucumbers and a cup of thawed frozen blueberries.

Snack:  3/8 c nuts and some grape tomatoes

Lunch: Panera Bread Southwest Chicken Lime Salad (half salad).  This was a lesson.  If you’re going out, check the menu ahead of time.  I chose this because I thought it would mostly be on plan but it was filled with tortillas, corn and I think maybe some queso cheese.  I picked out most of the tortillas and some of the corn.  Could not even get to the queso it was so embedded.  Plus it came with an apple which isn’t on Phase 3.  But whatever.  This is real life and I can’t stress about a few nuggets of corn.  It was still a damn sight healthier than what I have been eating or what I would normally get there.

Snack:  Celery with almond butter.  Lesson number two of the day.  Don’t buy crappy veggies.  This celery tasted gross compared to the stuff I had the day before.  I would have thrown out this snack if I hadn’t covered it with my pricey almond butter.

Dinner:  Steak with roasted zucchini, onions, celery and grape tomatoes.  Yes, I threw some of the crappy celery on the roasting pan and it was actually decent roasted.  I probably ate too much steak because I was eyeing up everyone else’s delicious looking roasted potatoes at the table and feeling sad.

Exercise:  3 mile walk outside.  Weather was beautiful….finally spring!

Last night was the first night I really was wanting a drink.  We usually have wine with our family dinners and it just felt weird to not have it. I really am getting tired of water.  I need to find other things I can drink.  I ended up with flavored seltzer with dinner which was OK but it was a real battle inside my head.  I can see the longer I stay on this plan the easier it will be to say…well…maybe just one.  Then on the other hand, if I am doing this long term then I will have to sometimes just have a glass or a potato or whatever.  I have to figure out the moderation of it all.



Starting the Fast Metabolism Diet

Well here we go again.  Why don’t I ever learn?

I’ve gained.  Lots of weight.  To the highest point I’ve ever been when not pregnant.  And it is time.  I’ve developed some super unhealthy habits that have to be broken.  I can’t stay like this.  I’ve gained 20 pounds in the last year (most of it were gained in a short, three month span).

What I’ve been doing isn’t working.  So it’s time to start again.

FMD isn’t easy.  There’s a whole lot you can’t have:

  • no wheat
  • no sugar
  • no alcohol
  • no dairy
  • no processed food
  • no corn, soy
  • technically no caffeine although I am drawing the line here.  But I will cut what I drink to one cup of coffee a day, which is half or more than what I usually do.

FMD forces you to “detox” your organs through a specific set of food combinations, called phases.  The good part is you can eat a lot of what’s allowed.  The bad thing is a lot isn’t allowed.

I tried the FMD a year ago, and I liked the results.  I think I lost seven or eight pounds, although I wasn’t super strict about it.  I remembered that I liked not counting calories.  I remembered I never really felt hungry.

I remember going the full time and then bingeing out so badly after that I never really kept a hold of any of the lessons I’d learned.

So here we go.  It’s time to start.  Again.

Keeping In the Game

Life has been busy so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog as I should have, so with a few minutes early this Saturday morning, I want to get some thoughts down on where I am at in my recovery, weight loss, etc.

Recovery:  I am finally feeling mostly back to normal.  I still feel some tightness from time to time in my hip, but it isn’t even on a daily basis at this point.  I do feel like I limp still when I am first getting up in the morning and a bit stiff, but others have reported to me they don’t really see a visible limp.  I am worried that my right foot is turning inward when I walk, but my surgeon at my last visit did not seem concerned.  It is nice to finally feel like things have returned to where they used to be.  I still struggle carrying heavy items and walking up the stairs without leaning on a railing, especially if I have something in both hands, is not easy.  But overall I am feeling very good.  It has been four and a half months.

Weight Loss:  I finished my 28 Fast Metabolism Diet down about six and a half pounds.  I tweaked it here and there:  didn’t stop drinking (though I definitely cut back), didn’t stop drinking coffee (let’s be real) and if I was out with family or friends, I didn’t get all “Oh, I can’t have this and I can’t have that.”  Instead I increased portions of the stuff that was on plan and had very small amounts of what wasn’t on plan.  

Since then I have been just trying to eat healthier and avoiding the bad stuff.  I am down about two more pounds over three weeks, which I am not happy with.  I am probably going to start another cycle of the FMD next week to kick start things again.  That being said, I do feel like I am on track and in the right mindset.  Even if I were losing a pound or even half a pound a week, I can live with that.  That’s how I gained the weight (ten pounds in a year) and if I lose it that slowly while still enjoying life, that’s OK with me.  It’s a marathon not a sprint.  

Exercise:  The doctors say I should still avoid running and any high impact exercise indefinitely.  So lack of cardio is probably not helping me lose weight.  I did join the local YMCA and have been there several times a week to do the stationary bike and the weight bearing machines.  I don’t love it the way I did running but I know I need to continue at least short term to get my muscles strong again.  I have also walked, both on the treadmill and outside, and I am up to two miles.  It’s a long way off of running miles and miles, and I finally just cracked 3mph, but I’m getting there.  I have attended one yoga class, and plan on going again once a week when I can fit it in my schedule.  The one class I went to really helped loosen up my hip and was really the start of feeling much more “normal” again.

Races:  I have one, possibly two 5Ks coming up in a few weeks.  Obviously I will walk them.  The first is the Vicki Soto 5K, which I have done every year since they started the race.  I couldn’t imagine not doing it, so I am signed up.  It will be my first “race” since my injury.  It will be bittersweet in so many ways, but it is a race where tons walk, so I won’t feel strange about it.  I have a second one a few weeks later, but I’m going to wait to commit until I see how the Vicki race feels.  I don’t want to be the last one across the finish line, and with my times still likely putting me at over an hour to finish a 5K (ugh) I don’t want to embarrass myself too much.  

Family:  I don’t talk much about my family here other than the occasional mention of how we’ve had a pretty rough year.  Right now things seem to be smoothing out a bit and I am very grateful.  It has been one horrible thing after another since last fall and so I am hoping that we’ve turned the corner.  We spend every Christmas in Florida, and I am hoping to go this year feeling healthy and happy.  

Working, Eating, Cooking…

So this week was my second week of work at school post broken hip.  Last week was a three day week, and this week was a four day week. Let’s just say I hit the sofa at 5pm yesterday and pretty much stayed there until this very moment right now (fifteen hours later).

I forget easily how far I’ve come.  Just two weeks ago, at Freshman Orientation, I hoofed around with a significant limp and a crutch in my car that I had just stopped using.  I was slow and sore.  With both exercises at home and formal PT, I have gained significant strength.  When I am well rested, I have hardly any limp at all.  I can stand for a whole class period.  I still am slow when I walk, but not as slow.  I feel stronger.  People are commenting that I am looking better.  

But progress always comes at a price.  These longer days with more standing and more aggressive PT have lifted me tired.  On Wednesday, I had sharp, shooting pains that woke me up overnight.  I am accepting that when I do more, I can do more….but I must recover and rest to keep those gains and not go backwards.

With work has come more planning to try and stay on (or close) to the new eating plan I am working on.  I am happy to say that I just started the third week of the plan and it feels like something I can stick with long term.  I am modifying it to fit in my lifestyle, which means I’m not dropping jaw dropping weight every week.  But you know what?  Two pounds is what I lost last week.  I lost three in the first week.  These are results I can live with, and if a modified plan is working for me and giving me results I like, and I can stick with that plan?  I’m in.  I am so happy to feel like I have finally gained some control over my eating and drinking.  

The basic tenets of the plan are that you eat different foods on different days, with some foods completely off limits.  Some days are more restrictive than others.  You can have most fruits only two days a week, although there are some that are good for five days.  You can only have nuts, avocados and oils on three days of the week.  Dark, green leafy veggies are always OK in unlimited amounts.  Never any corn or dairy (I have had small amounts of cheese and yogurt since I am still healing from surgery).  For the most part I have been able to find foods and recipes that work for every phase of the program.  When we have family dinners, it’s grilled meats and veggies, all of which are good most every day.  

Here are a few recipes that I want to remember for myself.  You’ll notice a lot of these are from Skinnytaste.  She has some great stuff!

Phase One:  Cucumber and Strawberry Salad (I omitted the nuts)

Phase Two:  Raw Cucumber Salad (For Phase Two you can eliminate the olives, tomatoes and oil…still very tasty.  I kept a very small amount of crumbled feta on top for flavor)

Phase Three:  Raw Zucchini Salad With Avocado  This recipe as written has edamame in it, which I skipped.  Herbs could be varied in this.

Spiralized Sweet Potatoes with Roasted Tomatoes:  I used the linked method to roast my spiralized sweet potatoes (Rosemary was my fresh herb of choice, plus red pepper flakes).  Ten minutes into the roasting I popped some cherry tomatoes in the oven tossed with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Both were done at the same time, and I threw them all together.  The juices from the tomatoes coated the sweet potato noodles and it was insanely good.

I am still looking for some bigger recipes that include proteins.  For now we’ve done a lot of grilling and I’ve used foil packets in the oven for fish.  As I find more, I’ll record them here so I know where to find them!

What I loved about these recipes is that they reminded me that eating clean, low calorie, healthy food can be delicious.  I needed that reminder.  🙂