Week 7 on the FMD

Start of Week 7: 162.6
End of Week 7: 161.2
Weight Loss This Week: 1.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 13.8 lbs

Exercise this week:
Tu:  2 mile walk
Th:  20 min bike/40 min strength
Fri:  1 mile walk with colleague at work
Sa:  3.3 mile walk plus gardening

Considering I was traveling on M, T and W this week I am happy with my loss this week.  I ate off phase but not off plan where I could, and I think that helped manage the difference.  It helped me make positive choices when eating out (salads with protein and grains with fruit).  There was still wine (on the funeral day, there was a fair amount of it) but beyond that, I feel very good about how I was able to navigate the challenges.  I could have easily succumbed to the french fries and fast food, but I planned carefully and had lots of portable food on hand:  nuts and jerky, fruit and a thermos of almond milk.

The last two weeks have been not great for exercise, but I am hoping to finish this second round of FMD (!!) strong this week with consistent exercise.  Would really love to close out this cycle below 160 and really close the door on the scary “never before territory” I have been in since last fall.

Still haven’t really tried any new, great recipes the last few weeks either.  Hoping this week to make the egg roll in a bowl and bake some yummy treats with the tapioca flour I just bought.  🙂

Oh….and I just committed to doing a sprint distance triathlon at the end of the summer.  !!!


Week 6 on the FMD

Start of Week 6: 163.4
End of Week 6: 162.6
Weight Loss This Week: 0.8 lbs
Total Weight Loss: 12.4 lbs

Exercise this week:
M:  First ever spin class
W, F:  1.2 mile walks with colleague at work

If I had to pick a word to explain this week’s results, it would be complacency.  I had a terribly busy, stressful week, and so I let a few things slip.  This weekend was the 5K road race that I am in charge of, so there were tons of “to do” things leading up to it.  That’s where the exercise didn’t happen.

But the weight was still continuing to drop, and I spent many days this past week seeing a 161 something on the scale, until Saturday night.  After a long, physically demanding day of moving big boxes and items for the race to our race location, I indulged in too much wine and had eggplant parmesan for dinner.  Obviously not on plan.

I could have had a salad, and not as much wine, but it was a total “I’m stressed out and I deserve this” type of situation.  I made a choice, and when I stepped on the scale the next morning, I saw the consequences of that choice.  The scale was up 1.4 pounds over where it had been the day before.

The good news is, I noted the damage, and stopped it.  I didn’t say “Well, I guess that’s it, I”m done trying.”  I got up, I had a wonderful on plan breakfast, avoided all of the trigger foods at the race (except one cookie that was satisfying and delicious and then no more).  I had a late lunch, an on plan snack and then made excellent choices at my daughter’s music banquet that night.

So that’s progress. This will be unfortunately another challenging week, as I will be traveling for my grandmother’s funeral.  I am packing a lot of things, but I may have to go to the “eat off phase but not off plan” to get through the three days.  But I will be careful and thoughtful in my choices.  No more complacency.  No more “well a little won’t be a big deal.”  That’s how I got here and I can’t continue like that and expect to see results.

Still, just over 12 pounds in six weeks?  I’ll take that.

Week 5 on the FMD

Start of Week 5:  166.6
End of Week 5:  163.4
Weight Loss This Week:  3.2
Total Weight Loss:  11.6

Exercise this week:
M,W, F:  1.2ish mile walks with colleague before work
M:  2.4 mile run/walk on treadmill
Th:  3 mile walk
Sa:  Yoga class
Su:  5K run/walk

I remember this type of thing happens in weight loss…you’ll have a week of hardly any loss and then boom, the next week, without really doing much at all differently, you’ll have a big week.  I’m grateful to see the progress, although still somewhat frustrated with myself that these are the numbers I’m happy about.  When I walked into Weight Watchers 11 years ago I started my journey there at today’s weight exactly:  163.4.  I was embarrassed and horrified at the number.  Today I’m grateful to be this far down.  Perspective.

This was a challenging week in a lot of areas.  Very busy week in both terms of work and personal life, and lots of stress too.  There was definitely wine this week.  But I also felt really strong about making positive choices most of the time and not stressing about when I had to compromise the program.

Example:  Yesterday I did a 5K run.  I’ve done this race every year for four years, and two years ago I suffered a broken hip on the course.  Last year I came back and walked the course with some friends.  This year I wanted to run/walk it on my own…really just enjoy feeling healthy and strong and soak in the moments.  But this race is well known for the pizza, beer, nachos and beer at the end.  I made a mental plan:  I would not have the beer, I would not have any food unless there were oranges or apples.  If there weren’t any of those I would allow myself one Italian ice (they always have those too).  Sure enough, when I finished there was absolutely no fruit except for bananas, and then all of the other delicious smelling hot dogs, nachos, pizza et al.  But I stuck with my plan:  I had one very delicious Italian ice and moved on. It tasted wonderful, was not on plan, but I enjoyed it and didn’t feel badly about it.

Another thing I discovered this week is Chia Pudding!  I bought a bag of seeds last week but waited until Friday (Phase 3) to try it.  I’m in love!  I used this recipe:  Basic Chia Seed Pudding but there are obviously tons out there.  I just used a little stevia for the sweetener and served it each time with blueberries and/or raspberries.

A goal for this week…trying to figure out some new ideas for each phase, particularly Phase 2.  The mug cake and smoothies were game changers, and I think the chia pudding will be too.   I need to try some other things to keep things interesting moving forward.

Onto Week 6!


Fast Metabolism Diet 28 Day Recap

Starting Weight:  175

28 Day Weigh In:  166.6

Weight Loss:  8.4 pounds

I am so grateful I decided to get back on the wagon last month and do the FMD plan.  I had been struggling for the last year with unexplained weight gain and just feeling miserable about my body and myself. Nothing was working.  I needed the structure of being told what to eat and when to eat it.

Was I perfect?  Obviously not, particularly in the last week.  I only lost .4 pounds in week 4, and I had hoped for 2.  That was one hundred percent my fault, having had wine 3 out of the 7 days and having had a crazy weekend this past.  Do I feel badly about it?  If I’m being honest, not really.  I made the choice to not have a salad at dinner on Saturday, and I certainly didn’t need that second glass of wine.

But I’m OK with it.  I am certainly seeing results of changing my habits, cutting out certain foods and reducing my consumption of others.  I would be grateful for being 8 pounds down in a month on any plan, so I’m taking it and moving on.

My plan now is to do another round:  I would like to lose about 30 pounds more.  Which means probably a summer of FMDing.  I’m OK with it.  I’m exploring new recipes and foods all of the time and making this a lifestyle I can adjust and work with.

I won’t blog daily.  I will post weekly weigh in results and other fitness/health/diet related things as I used to do with this blog.  But I’m back in the game.  And I feel really good about it.

Week 4 Day 27 & 28 on the FMD

Well the last two days have been tough for both the plan and just in general.  I had a last minute trip three hours south to visit my ailing grandmother, who is not likely to live very much longer.  It made the last two days on the program a challenge, but since I plan on restarting the program for another round tomorrow, it’s OK.  I know my results this week will not be where I want them, but I’m going to keep on going.

Weight (yesterday, no scale available today):  166.8

Yesterday I had a great breakfast:  spinach smoothie and sprouted grain toast.  Had raw cashews on the road and managed to do well at lunch:  we had sub sandwiches, and I just ate the insides and paired them with the chickpea salad I brought.  I had carrots and homemade hummus for a snack, but dinner was a total bust.  I mean, not a total bust…it was honestly a healthy dinner but it wasn’t at all on plan.  Gluten free pizzas with veggies, seafood and chicken sausage plus wine.  Plus one bite of the amazing toffee they put on the table at the end of the meal.

Today was just crazy.  I did start the day with grapefruit and raw cashews and had breakfast later.  Breakfast was eggs and bacon and white toast…it was obviously not on plan but there was no way around it.  I snacked on raw cashews on my ride home, but never really was able to have lunch.  I ended up eating a small portion of chickpea salad when I got home, and then had a regular, on plan dinner:  cauliflower fried rice, steak and a sweet potato.

No exercise either day.

What I did learn was that even though I strayed a bit, I still was able to be careful and conscious in my choices.  Packing a few on plan things to have on hand was key to not straying too far off the plan, even in a high stress situation.  So while I know I probably won’t be happy with my fourth week weigh in tomorrow, I know that I made very different choices this trip than I would have if I wasn’t working this program.


Week 4 Day 26 on the FMD

Sure enough, scale is up this morning.  I know it is the salt but still frustrating.  Looking forward to trying some new ideas today for Phase 3.

Weight:  168

Breakfast:  One egg fried in olive oil over sprouted grain toast with hummus and a side of blueberries.

Snack:  More homemade hummus and carrots.

Lunch:  Chickpea salad (chickpeas, tomatoes, celery, red onion and cucumbers mixed with lime juice, red wine vinegar and cilantro plus salt and pepper) over quinoa

Snack:  Celery with almond butter

Dinner:  Homemade quinoa/sweet potato/black bean burger with Cauliflower Fried Rice. Technically the peas are not on plan, but otherwise a tasty meal that was very satisfying.

Exercise:  1.5 mile walk around school with a colleague

Without realizing it I made today a meatless day.  Everything I had was just tasty and I didn’t even miss the meat.

Have to travel tomorrow for an unplanned one day trip to see some family.  Which means my last two days will not be at home, with all of the foods that I’ve built up stock on to stay on plan.  I plan on bringing bags of raw nuts, some salad fixings and will just do my best.

Week 4 Day 25 on the FMD

Second day of Phase 2.  Really trying to embrace the spices and look for the positives of this part of the diet…it really is simple, straightforward.  I would like to find a few more options for snacks…I saw someone posting yesterday about making homemade jerky, that might be something to try when I have more time.

Even though I’m nearly done with 28 days, I plan on starting another cycle immediately.  This program clearly was the first time in a year that my body has responded positively to…and not just my body.  My head is finally making better choices and I’m feeling more in control and more positive.

Weight:  167.2

Breakfast:  egg white scramble with last night’s roasted veggies and a little spinach

Snack:  Cucumbers with smoked salmon (forgot to add the lime when I packed it for work, boo)

Lunch:  Leftover pork tenderloin over last night’s roasted veggies and mixed greens with balsamic vinegar

Snack:  Beef Jerky.  Grabbed this on the run when I needed a quick snack that didn’t need any preparation.  Technically not compliant because it had cane sugar in it…but has made me curious to try making some next week.

Dinner:  Last of our beef roast with au jus.  While I know this is phase appropriate I know it is salty and realize I will pay for it tomorrow morning.  But it won’t last.  Paired this with sauteed celery, red peppers and spinach and it was delicious.

Exercise:  20 min stationary bike and 40 min weights/machines at the gym.

Today was one of those days that never seemed to end.  Always something to do right up until 830 at night.  I was soooooo tired at the end of today.  But I felt good about my choices and getting to the gym despite the busy schedule.