It Is Time

So it has been a few weeks since I wrote about my life changing hip fracture and subsequent surgery.  It has indeed been a long road.  I am so grateful that the worst of it does seem to be behind me, and life is starting to get back to normal.

I have a few more weeks left of PT, which I am grateful for, because I still am not walking well.  I definitely have a limp with my right side, and I’m told it is due to muscle weakness.  The muscles had over two months of none or minimal use.  It has been nearly a month since my doctor said that I could start walking again, but it just wasn’t that simple.  At first I used one crutch on the opposite side from my injury, and still used the walker if we were doing any significant distance. But as I grew stronger I started walking without it.  I was sore at first, but as the days have worn on, that has gone down too.  The cliche of “I feel stronger every day” is bearing true.

Work started back last week, and it starting to finally feel like life is returning to normal.  The routine of it is exactly what I have been missing, not to mention the social aspect.  One of the harder parts of my recovery was the isolation of it.  While many people will tell you they are there for you, it turns out very few actually make the effort to do so.   

Unfortunately for me very little of my work clothes fit.  I honestly gained very little weight during my recovery; only about five pounds.  But, I lost so much muscle tone that everything loosened up and now very little fits.  And to be honest, I wasn’t happy at all with my weight at the point I was injured; I had gained ten pounds over the last twelve months, and another ten in the year before that, putting me a good 20 pounds above where I had been just two years ago.  

I spent the last month kind of floundering around trying to find direction in the weight loss department.  I was tracking my food intake on My Fitness Pal to no avail.  Since I still can’t do much in the way of exercise, my calorie budget is extremely small with nothing getting burned off.  I was over calories every single day I tracked.  It wasn’t helping.

Then a friend told me about the Fast Metabolism Diet.  She had been following it for nearly four weeks and raved on and on about it. She had lost 11 pounds in those four weeks and she was willing to share the knowledge she had built up about the program.  

I was a little unsure about it at first.  I had a vacation coming, so I told her to send me the stuff and I would start after the vacation.  I downloaded the app and looked around on the Internet a little.  It seemed mostly doable, but I wasn’t 100 % sold.  

Then I went away on vacation and managed to eat and drink so much that I gained four pounds on vacation, officially putting me at my highest weight ever, outside of pregnancies.  That was it.  Even if I didn’t follow the plan perfectly, I reasoned, it had to be better than what I was doing. 

So I started about a week ago.  I am mostly following it, with a few exceptions.  First, I am still having coffee.  On weekdays I am only having one cup, which is less than I had been drinking.  On the weekends I am allowing myself two, since I can compensate with more water intake.  I replaced the second cup of water with a second water bottle at work, so I am able to consume 48 ounces during a day at work.  This won’t work forever, but with my current teaching schedule it does.

Second, I am not cutting alcohol out entirely.  I had been drinking more than I should, that is definitely true.   I have scaled back to one or two most days, which sadly is a lot less than what I had been drinking.  It is a work in progress.  Ideally I will scale back a bit more each week.  

Other than those two things, I have been pretty good at following the program with no deliberate cheats (accidental ones, like not realizing zucchini isn’t a Phase 2 food have happened).  And even if I am not perfect, trying to get as close as possible is helping me remember the important things I used to know about weight loss:  eating real food, eating small portions often, drinking water, not adding artificial sweeteners.

I’m down about four pounds so far.  I am hoping that I can work with a modified version of the program long term so that I can continue to take off the twenty pounds I’ve gained in the last two years.  I’m hopeful about this for the first time in a long time.  I’m feeling like I might finally get back to a place where I like this body I live in instead of feeling like it has betrayed me.  

I feel like I am finally ready to start moving forward once again.


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