Road to the Tri: Week 8

Finally a week back in the game last week.  I’ve been battling a cold all week but still managed to be active every single day doing at least something.  Here’s what it looked like:

Tues:  3.6 mile walk and 1 mile swim
Wed:  2.8 mile walk
Thu:  60 min yoga
Fri:  60 min bootcamp class
Sat:  .4 mile swim, 5 mile bike, 1.7 mile run
Sun:  4.3 mile run (ridiculously slow)
Mon:  60 min “challenge” class which included 1 mile run and kettlebell/weights/other crazy stuff

It was a solid week that I feel good about, especially our “baby tri” run through on Saturday.  Several girlfriends who are doing this triathlon and I all met up at 7am on Saturday at our local park.  The park has a lake and bike trails and it is where we hold our kids’ triathlons.  I knew it would be a great fit for a lower distance run through of our race (frankly we could have a full one there if we wanted to….it is linked to a long enough bike trail).


One of our group wasn’t interested in swimming in our little lake, so she took this shot of the rest of us going towards it for our swim.  I honestly love this shot.  It really encapsulates everything about this process that I love…not worrying about what your body looks like but celebrating what it can do.

We swam for about twenty minutes or so back and forth between those two buoys you see.  Beyond there, there’s a lot of plant life in the water and it just feels gross.  But otherwise, the lake swim was beautiful!  It was calm and clear and the sun was just rising.  I loved it.

From there we came back up the beach to transition to the bike.  This was the part I wanted to practice.  I had packed an extra water bottle to “wash off” my feet.  Then I wiped them with my towel and laid down a little washcloth for my clean feet to rest on while I put on my socks.  It worked perfectly!  I put on my socks and shoes (a challenge with wet feet), then I pulled on my shorts and shirt over my suit and headed for the bike.

All in all, not bad.  Hoping for less than 5 minutes in transition there, we’ll see.

We headed out on our bikes, all four of us:


We intended to go somewhere between four and six miles.  It was less about the distance than worrying about the transitions to be honest.  That said, the bike felt tougher than I had hoped.  I hadn’t biked in over a week at this point and my legs were feeling it, even on our mostly flat trail.  The girls were really hauling it too…my app said that it was my fastest bike ride yet, which might have been why it felt tougher to me.  We nailed five miles in just under 28 minutes.  The girls think we can do our 12 miles on race day in an hour or so, but I’m not so sure.  We clocked this one in at 10.78mi/hour and it felt fast to me.  We’ll see.

Second transition was obviously much faster.  We opted to throw our bikes in our cars which took a few minutes to navigate, and then grab some water before heading around the lake for a run.


There were four of us and as always happens with me, I worried that I was too slow for the group.  Two of us broke out ahead right away, chatting all the while.  The other woman and I held back (I think she was just trying to keep me company and could have gone faster) as the two who don’t talk and run.  Normally I run with headphones, but apparently that’s out for this race, so it was good practice to just run.  The scenery is lovely around our lake but it is a bit hilly (which apparently is exactly the terrain for our tri run so good practice).  After one lap I was out of breath and really ready to stop.  We took a break and two of us went back on their bikes while two of us opted for another lap.  Because I believe in torture, I decided to do a second lap.

I had to walk some of that second lap, around the big hill on the trail, but otherwise, it was a much faster run than I would normally be able to turn in after biking, I think:  chalk one up for friends who run faster pushing me along.  In the end it was still less than two miles but I still felt good about bricking all three together.  It was great practice and I’d like to try it again one more time after I return from vacation.

All in all a great week of solid workouts.  Hoping to keep it up even while traveling….wish me luck!


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