Road to the Tri: Weeks 5-7

Yeah, I have missed a few weeks of posting.  It’s been a crazy time with two full weeks of family visiting, a quick trip out of town myself and two local musical productions that the entire family is intimately involved in.  Put that all together with ten days of being computerless and I haven’t had a chance to post about my tri training.

And to be honest, the training has suffered because of all of that too.  I’m not terribly worried about it at this point because I’m still working on it but I certainly haven’t been nailing six days a week of exercise as I had been in the early weeks of July.  That said, I have done:

1 awesome 14 mile bike ride
2 amazing open water swims at a local lake, .6 and 1.0 miles respectively
yoga and bootcamp classes
1 “transition” training session consisting of 1 mile hilly bike, .25 mile run, repeated six times
lots of walking and running

…and now I am fighting off a cold, so while I had the best of intentions this week of getting back on track, I ended up walking instead of running and choosing yoga over cardio yesterday.  I am going to try for my regular kickboxing class this morning and fill the weekend with solid workouts each morning.

We will be leaving for our vacation on Wednesday so I know the workouts will suffer there too.  But the rumor is we will have access to a pool and a gym, and if that is true, I can really get at least a few solid workouts in, even if the weather is hot and the terrain is hilly.  I get back eight days before the race so hopefully that’s enough time to get back on track even if things go terribly south.

I do think I will be ready but I don’t want to just be ready.  I want to rock it!


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