The Road to the Tri…Week Four

So I’m sitting here feeling alternately accomplished after another week of solid workouts and fat and sluggish having watched the scale spike up in the last five days.  I’ve talked to several people who are also training for the triathlon I’m going to do and most are noticing a bit of a weight gain during this training cycle.  It seems absolute insanity to be so active and feeling so awful about my body at the same time.

This week was back to the training after out of town guests in town last week.  It was a solid week:

Tue:  3.28 mile trail run (12:18 pace)
Wed:  45 min HIIT class
Thu:  3.89 mile walk and 30 min TRX class
Fri:  Rest Day (rain)
Sat:  8.25 mile bike (9.28 mph) and 30 min pool swim
Sun:  Volunteering for 7 hours at kids’ triathlon
Mon:  2.6 mile trail run (13:57 pace) and .56 mile open water swim

I’ve been trying to “brick” a bit here and there because I really need to get a feel for what that is like.  Plus the distances are short enough that half an hour of a workout isn’t really enough.

It feels weird to not be logging the miles on foot as much as usual but I am really enjoying the swimming and biking.  On Saturday morning two girlfriends and I went out together for a shorter bike ride (we did nearly 7 together, the rest is me riding to and from to meet them) and then swam in a pool for half an hour.  We didn’t touch sides or bottom for half an hour.  It wasn’t easy but we did it.  It was good practice for our big day yesterday.

Yesterday we had a chance to go for an open water swim on a local lake.  One of our tri group has a friend who is part of a private club there and she brought us in as guests.  It was awesome!  Tough, and challenging of course, but totally allayed our fears of the open water swim.   To be honest, the half mile was much longer than I thought it would be just looking at it.  But just like running and biking, we went slow and steady, and we took breaks when we needed to.  Some of us could freestyle it the whole way.  I couldn’t; I had to alternate between freestyle and breast stroke.  The women from the lake club came out and went alongside us in paddle boards and kayaks and coached us along.  It was a great environment to do the first swim.  It honestly made me even more excited and eager to get to our tri.

So onto another week of training.  Hoping to get more of a handle on my eating and filling my hunger with wholesome, fueling foods that doesn’t derail all of the hard training work I am putting in.  It’s a weird feeling to feel fat and unhappy while feeling strong and fit at the same time.  I need to get it under control.  I want this experience to be all around awesome!


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