The Road to the Tri: Week 3

This was an off week because my sister came into town with her two kids for a visit.  The last time they were here was ten years ago, and I had only lived here for six months at that point.  This time, I really know the area and wanted to show them so much about what I love about living in SW CT.  Needless to say, I didn’t get a lot of tri workouts in.  We did do a lot of walking though, so I wasn’t a total slug.  But, we more than made up for that by basically eating our way through the week.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a big advocate of enjoying what every new place has to offer, and I don’t regret a single italian ice, fresh ice cream made at a local creamery, amazing New England woodfired pizza, local wines and the most delicious food made up that day at our local farmers’ market (note to self:  find a recipe for those amazing blueberry and lavendar scones, as well as those insane corn fritters).  I wanted to show them everything that this place has to offer, things that they just don’t see much of in their suburban corner of Michigan.

But I digress.  Either way, the tri training suffered this week, but she left to go back home early yesterday, so it was time to get back in the saddle and get back up to speed.

Yesterday, since I was up early to see my sister off, I decided to try and hit 12 miles on the bike.  That’s not hard to do on our beautiful bike trail, but I felt a little funny going alone to the trail that early, so I decided to just suck it up and do the hilly roads around my house.  I figured since it was so early I could eek it out.  I am not going to lie, it was not easy.  We live in a very hilly area and I had to walk my bike up some of them.  But I didn’t have to do that for most of them, and I figure the hills will make me faster on the flat areas.  My goal was to hit 12 miles (the distance I will have to bike in the tri), the longest I’ve gone yet.

I did it!  I was very proud of myself.

Today I decided to hit our local lake for my first open water swim.  This isn’t where I’ll be doing the race, but I figured it was a better training fit than laps at the pool.   It was a little strange at first getting my bearings.  But after I figured out which areas to avoid due to massive undergrowth, it was actually quite nice.  This lake is 5 minutes from my house and best of all, FREE (it costs me $5 every time I use the pool in the town next door).   Granted, it isn’t as clean as a pool (I avoided the areas of floating unidentifiable stuff), but it is much closer to what I will be actually doing.  I’d love to go down to Long Island Sound and swim there (I think it might be cleaner due to it being a larger body of water) but I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  Either way, while my lake swim wasn’t perfect, it was doable and I felt good about doing it.  Hard to gauge the distance but I think I exceeded the half mile based on the amount of time I was in the water.

The entire week looked like this:

Tue:  Walking in NYC
Wed:  Rest Day
Thu:  4 mile trail walk
Fri:  3.7  mile trail walk
Sat:  4.3 mile walk through neighborhood and 60 min yoga
Sun:  12.25 mile bike ride (8.88 mph)
Mon:  .6 mile lake swim

Looking forward to getting back into my routine of classes, runs and tri training this week!


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One response to “The Road to the Tri: Week 3”

  1. Movin' it with Michelle says :

    sometimes off weeks are just what we need to push us harder the next week! ❤

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