What I Ate Wednesday

I have absolutely no great recipes or new awesome foods to share from the last seven days.  I was more conscious of what I ate and when with my training but there were no fabulous new things that I feel merit a blog post.  That being said, it is my absolute favorite time of year for food.  The early plantings are just starting to yield fresh, local produce.  Our local Farmers’ Market, which I help run, is finally open and we will now have feasts every Friday night after my shift is over that include things like locally harvested clams, freshly made gazpacho and pesto, zucchini and lettuce and sugar snap peas and freshly laid (lain?) eggs.

Each year I plant a few things in my own little flower bed and see what takes.  This year my garden looks like this:

One of my two tomato plants, not doing much yet.

One of my two tomato plants, not doing much yet.

photo 4

My zucchini plant, full of flowers. Behind it is a butternut squash plant. No flowers blooming on that one yet, but they are close.

photo 3

Fresh rosemary thriving in its pot.

photo 2

My sugar snap peas that I grew from seed. See the pea pods? I already have harvested several.


photo 1

Basil, mint and parsley in containers. They are huge and beautiful! I snip some to add to most meals.

I would love to have a big garden some day but our yard isn’t suited to it. Our backyard is surrounded by trees and just doesn’t get enough sun. I plant all of these either in containers by my front porch or in my flowerbeds in the few empty spots there are. Each year I plant something different. Last year it was cucumbers, but the plants were so prolific I couldn’t eat them all, and by the end of the summer I was totally sick of cucumbers. I never seem to tire of fresh tomatoes, as my plants never give me more than I can keep up with. I am hopeful with the butternut squash plant…I planted one last year but probably too late for it to really do much. I harvested one tiny one, smaller than my hand, in September. Hopefully this year will see a bounty from these few small plants.

I know that when fresh food is available and of good quality, I always tend to choose it over the garbage. So here’s to summer, and fresh, local foods that will help keep me on track!


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