Road to the Tri: Week One

So I have officially finished my first week of triathlon training, and I have to say, it is definitely harder than I expected.  It’s going to be hard to fit all of the workouts in, and I still have no idea how I will put all of these pieces together.

Here’s what the week looked like:

Tues:  6.86 mile bike ride (7.69 mph)
Wed:  45 minute strength/cardio workout at gym
Thur:  4 mile run, easy pace
Fri:  30 min TRX, 60 min kickboxing class
Sat:  60 min yoga
Sun:  REST (planned on biking this day but it rained)
Mon:  10.5 mile bike ride (planned on swimming but will rain tomorrow so will do then, 8.98 mph)

So the biking.  The first ride last Tuesday was a total baseline.  My bike was not in great shape; the handlebars were not straight, the seat kept moving up and down and I couldn’t find a comfortable pace.  My girlfriend took me out to a local trail and the hills killed my quads.  Plus my brakes are definitely in need of repair; there was one downhill where if I had needed to stop, I couldn’t have done so.  It was so much harder than I thought it would be.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe I thought of biking as a leisurely thing to do.  I was sore for days.  But today’s ride was easier, and I hope they will continue to get easier (as with any activity).  I still had trouble with hills today, and actually changed my planned route because they were so hard.  But my seat (mostly) stayed in place and less hills meant less need for the brakes (I do have an appointment tomorrow to get them fixed).  I could have gone longer than the 10.5 today if I had wanted to, but it was hot and I was ready to be done.  I definitely want to try and hammer out my bike rides early before it gets too hot and too many cars get on the roads.

I plan on going swimming again tomorrow.  The kids are out of school now so my goal is to get over there early enough that I can be home before they are up.  I’ve heard that this pool is busy then but I just want to see if that’s an option for me.

I am hoping to find the balance of doing my yoga one day, two days at the gym and then the tri workouts the other days.  i know this isn’t exactly the plan I was given to follow, but I know the strength I get from yoga and the gym classes will only help improve my stamina for this race.

At this point while I am nervous about putting all of this together, I am also excited.  It feels nice to be doing some other activities other than running (my feet certainly are grateful).  We’ll see how I continue to feel as we go forward!


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