Motivation Monday

It’s Memorial Day Monday.  It is very easy for me at this very busy time to just be grateful for a day without a schedule, but I am humbled by the fact that so many have given their lives for our country.  Our small New England town threw our parade yesterday and the veterans that one by one either drove or marched by reminds you of what this weekend is really all about.

For me this was a busy week trying to fit in everything that needs to get done for the 5K I put together.  The race is in six days so it is crunch time.  It was also tech week for the local theater group my husband and daughter are involved in; opening night was Friday and shows ran last weekend and will run next weekend as well.  Add to that one big school project for my son and let’s just say I can’t figure out if I am coming or going.  I started every morning this week with a to do list and while it does feel like I am getting it all done, I am very mentally tired.

Physically, the workouts are still getting done, and I think they are helping me keep everything on an even keel.  They force me to take a mental break from everything and get out of my head for a little while.  Here’s what the week looked like:

Tues:  60 min yoga, tone and strength class
Wed:  3.3 miles with hill repeats (12:34 pace) and 1 hour HIIT class
Thu:  30 min TRX class, 1 hour HIIT
Fri:  60 min kickboxing class
Sat:  60 min yoga
Sun:  Bridgeport Hospital Home Run 5K (11:19 pace)
Mon:  60 min bootcamp class

My gym is hosting a special 8 am Memorial Day bootcamp today, and I plan on heading out for it in a bit while the rest of the family sleeps.   I am feeling better and stronger these last few weeks, and yesterday’s 5K gave me a significant mental boost as well.

It was a good week!  Have a great Memorial Day everyone!


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One response to “Motivation Monday”

  1. Movin' it with Michelle says :

    Great job! Have fun at boot camp and have a great week!!

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