What I Ate Wednesday

Well I’ll tell you what I have been eating, if I’m honest.


OY!  I did so well for six weeks, not one slip up! Nada!  But sure enough, now that the incentive of Lent is over, it’s easy to fall into the trap of having dessert because everyone is having it, eating sweets when they are offered.  And I can see the difference.  Not only is my weight up three and a half pounds over from the best of my clean eating efforts, but the cravings are back.

Last night, after dinner and things got calm at home, I sat down to watch TV.  I wasn’t hungry at all; I’d made a satisfying dinner of roasted chicken breasts, broccoli and red potatoes.  But I wanted a little something.  Something sweet.  And unfortunately for me, because of the race I am planning, I have literally hundreds of little packets of sweet animal crackers, Milano cookies and all sorts of other yummy goodies in the house.

I didn’t eat anything terrible; two little graham cracker packets and two pieces of chocolate that I received as a gift.  But it was probably 250 extra calories that I didn’t need yesterday.

I still haven’t ventured back to artificial sweeteners, and I won’t.  I’m drawing the line there.  I’d rather have a coffee with just milk or iced tea rather than use a packet of Splenda or have a diet soda.  It took me a long time to get beyond that and I won’t go back.  I might slip on the sugar from time to time, but at least it is a real food.

But for now, I’m going to recommit to the no sugar rule.  It’s just too easy to fall into the habit of it, and it is amazing how it changes your palate.  Not to mention your waistline!


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