Motivation Monday

I’ve gotten a few weeks behind in posting about my exercise and fitness on Mondays but I want to get back in the habit.  It helps me stay accountable knowing I am going to list the days of the week and what I did on each one.

It’s been a busy time here for me.  I am the race director for our town’s 5K.  This is my third year in the role, and while I have a committee, the lions share of the work falls on me.  The race is two weeks away so it is hours of work right now, every single day.  I do love it but it is pretty overwhelming at times.

I had slacked off some on working out with family in town for ten days early in the month, and I am finally starting to feel like I am getting back on track.  The weather has (finally) gotten warm here, which is one of those things that you dream about all winter until it happens and then you’re like….um, what?  Why is this run so much HAAAARRRRDER in 65 degrees and humidity?  But I feel like I am slowly starting to acclimate to the higher temps.  It still isn’t super hot yet, so I have to seriously get used to this before the really crazy heat kicks in.

One fun thing I did this week was some of my girlfriends from our previous bootcamp studio got together at our local park and did a light workout together.  I was very intimidated and almost didn’t go because three of the women (out of five of us) are really speedy and in great shape.  But I finally decided to go when another friend who was more my speed said she was coming to.  So glad I went!  We all went at our own paces and it was super fun to chat and gab and still get a workout in.  We’re planning on doing it again this Friday.  🙂

I’m running another 5K this weekend, one I’ve always wanted to run (well since I started running three years ago) but have never been able to.  It starts and ends at our minor league ballpark which should be fun.  One of the perks of being a race director is sometimes other race directors throw you a freebie, and this is one of those for me.  Yay for that.  Hoping to not embarrass myself with my time.

This is what this week looked like for me:

Tues:  60 min strength and toning yoga  (I have bounced around all of the classes at this place and this one seems like the best fit)
Wed:  3.3 miles @  13:27 pace (I blame the dog)
Thu:  2.3 miles @ 12:32 pace + 30 min HIIT class
Fri:  30 min run/walk (mostly walk) and light workout with friends at the park
Sat:  Rest
Sun:  4.3 miles @ 13:17 pace (dog + hills)
Mon:  3.7 miles @ 12:42 pace and 30 min TRX class

You’ll notice my slowest paces have “dog” noted by them.  I do often take my dog running with me and he often needs to “pause” many times before he does his business, and then I need to pause to clean it up.  Plus if we run into other dogs I have to slow him to a walk to keep him calm as they pass by.  It doesn’t help me get any faster but it is nice to run with him.  That said, now that the weather is warmer, I’m starting to leave him home more to do the harder training.  The heat isn’t good for him anyway.


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