What I Ate Wednesday

So I am definitely still trying to maintain my cleaner eating habits, but I will admit that I slipped a bit last week while I was on break, and the scale shows it.  For the first time I consciously chose sugar (italian ice layered with custard….sugar AND dairy….yum), dairy (no almond milk in the hotel) and bread (submarine sandwich one day, soft pretzel another).  While I wouldn’t choose these options at home on a regular basis, I’m not beating myself up about allowing myself to not make a stink and going with the flow when eating with a group or crowd.

That being said, I’m not happy about the 2.4 lb gain I see on the scale today over two weeks ago.  I did NOT think I strayed that far.  Most of my choices were very solid.  I ate grilled salmon, I never ate french fries, I only had dessert that one time.  It is always shocking to me that even when you think you’re mostly doing OK, a lot of little things can really add up.

Last night, when I found myself out to dinner with a colleague, I was met with the “What Do I Order” challenge.  I was eating with someone who professed to be gluten free and vegan “90% of the time”.  I waffled back and forth between the big salads, all of which seemed loaded with a lot of things that probably weren’t super choices, or what I really wanted.

A burger.

These days I find myself craving hamburgers but I don’t feel guilty about having them.  I always order them the same way:  wrapped in lettuce, rare, with a side salad instead of fries.  This takes care of the craving for that juicy piece of ground beef without it doing the damage of a burger in a bun with fries on the side.

lettuceburgerI’ve ordered this out many times and never really had a problem.  Sometimes they will wrap it in lettuce as above, or sometimes they’ll just serve it on top of a salad.  Either way is fine with me.  I left my dinner full, satisfied, not even missing the bread or potatoes.

My colleague?  She had a turkey sandwich on a ciabatta roll and sweet potato fries.  I know she probably felt she had chosen well with the turkey and sweet potato fries instead of regular, but I honestly think that I made the better choice.  It is no problem ordering something “healthy” when it is also something you love and tastes delicious.


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