Motivation Monday

This was a tough week for exercise for me as I was sick.  I’ve noticed that since I start running I don’t get sick often, and when I do get sick, it doesn’t usually last for that long.  That was the case this week, with just a two and a half day duration nasty cold, but it was enough to take everything down a notch this week.

The sick plus Easter made for a quiet week in the workout department.  But here it is just the same:

Tue:  4.4 miles @ 13:18 pace
Wed:  3.1 miles @ 12:42 pace
Thu:  60 min yoga
Fri:  Rest (sick)
Sat:  Rest (sick)
Sun:  Rest (sick/Easter)
Mon:  3.3 miles @ 12:52 pace, 30 min Zumba trial class, 30 min bootkick drill class

Tuesday’s run last week felt terrible.  Slow, sluggish, cold (the weather still hadn’t warmed up here in the early morning hours yet).  The dog kept stopping to “mark his territory”.  If I had just let that run stand, I would have had such a negative vibe on running.  But the next day I had a fabulous 5K run through similar territory; what a difference a day makes.  I opted for yoga the next day as I could feel the cold coming, and by that night I was miserable.  I spent Friday mostly on the sofa.  Saturday was better but I still rested and kept quiet.  Yesterday I mostly felt better but it was the holiday.

Which left me raring to go this morning.  I ran a nice run with the dog (always guaranteed to slow up my pacing) and then took two trial classes at my gym.  Zumba was tough for me; not cardio wise but coordination wise.  I felt sloppy and slow on the uptake.  But the bootkick drills that followed felt spot on:  tough, hard and sweaty.  It was a great morning and really helped me get back in the game after being sick for a few days.

I plan on a longer run tomorrow, five miles or so.  The rain that is forecast for the rest of the week will likely take me back to the gym and yoga studio before I travel for my kids’ spring break.  Not sure how the exercise will be while I’m away, but I should at least be able to sneak in a run on the hotel treadmill at least twice.  🙂


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