Motivation Monday

So technically I am out of my recovery zone from my half marathon two weeks ago, but since I’d gotten in the habit of posting the weekly workouts, etc on Mondays, I’ve decided just to keep going.

When I finished my training plan on MyASIC’s website, it was as if they had read my mind; they asked me if I’d like to start another one (I had said previously that I might set one up just to keep me honest about running).  And lo and behold it magically set one up that had the next half marathon just a few days out from the one I ran last year (and have considered in my crazier moments signing up for again).

So I went ahead and set it up, although I am not sold yet on running 13.1 miles on the last Saturday in June.  Seriously.  That may just be crazy.  But either way, I’m going to follow the plan because I want to keep up the fitness level that the plan gives me.  Plus it keeps me honest.  I am much more likely to run on a given day if I see the plan telling me to.

Beyond that, this second week of recovery found me feeling totally back to normal.  My muscle soreness ceased early in the week and I felt back in the groove by my Thursday morning treadmill run.  I was very satisfied with this weekend’s 5K, so I’m definitely back in the game.  Here’s what this week looked like:

Tues:  60 min yoga (strength/tone class)
Wed:  Rest Day
Thurs:  2.5 miles @ 12:36 pace (treadmill) and 30 min HIIT class
Fri:  60 min yoga
Sat:  Sandy Hook 5K Race @ 11:41 pace
Sun:  Rest Day
Mon:  30 Min strength class

This is definitely one of my lighter weeks.  I probably should have hit the treadmill today as well but the day is just not going to work out that way.  But I am going to run tomorrow, Wednesday and take classes on Thursday and Friday and run again on Saturday.  🙂  Sunday’s Easter so that will definitely be my rest day.


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