Clean Eating Update: Week 5

So the scale says this was a good week.  As I suspected, last week’s bump up must have been water retention from salty corned beef, because I’m down over three pounds from one week ago.  I really don’t think I was that level of careful this week, but on the other hand, it does show the continued 80/20 approach I’ve been working with seems to be yielding some results.

Fun fact:  I am at my lowest weight since August 30.

That being said, I’m still five pounds higher than where I was this time last year.  Still, I’m down six and a half from my peak weight and down five from when I started to make a concerted effort to clean up my habits.

At this point I do feel like the four things I’ve implemented are pretty much going to stick with me as a lifestyle change.  They’re pretty much habits now.  Sure, it is hard to pass up the bread, but it feels a lot better to see a good number on the scale.

Sugar:  Still haven’t had any desserts/sweets or artificial sweeteners since five weeks ago.  I definitely see what people mean about getting rid of all of it reducing the craving for it.  I hardly think about sweets any more and they are very easy to pass up.  This was the first thing I implemented and I think the one I’ve been most successful with.

Dairy:  I have had occasional dairy, with a big hit yesterday.  Dairy has never bothered me in my life, but since I haven’t had much of it in quite a while, I did notice that my stomach was crampy last night.  So interesting to note.  I don’t think I’ve seen other benefits (clearer skin, less bloating) but it would be hard to tell because I gave up other stuff too.

Bread:  This one continues to be tough.  I picked out all of my croutons from my salads yesterday, and that sucked.  And I really wanted bread with last night’s dinner.  But I didn’t.  I have only had one slice of bread since I gave it up, and that was the night before my half marathon.  I think I need to just stay away from it.  I can easily see myself sliding back into a few slices here and there if I let myself unclench the iron fist approach here.

Wine:  This one is my least successful one.  I’m definitely 75/25 or so on this, but I continue to work on my two glass a day minimum.  But I’m working on it.

All along this journey I have also tried to reduce my intake of processed foods.  This week I felt was a good one in that department.  I made lots of food from scratch this week, and even dabbled in creating my own spice blend.  I definitely notice a much better feeling when I eat whole, unprocessed foods.  More apples and veggies with hummus over my SkinnyPop (although that’s still not a terrible choice).

So this week, I plan on trying to work the 80/20 ratio with processed vs. unprocessed foods.  I can’t decide if restaurant meals are included in “processed”.  For what I am now choosing, I’m going with no.  When I go out to eat I am now always choosing either a salad, or a grilled fish or meat, or something with brown rice (as opposed to potatoes or fries).

All in all, a good week.


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