Race Calendar

After talking yesterday about wanting to set up a new training plan, but not having a goal race in mind, I decided to sit down and attempt to map out this year’s running events.  I try to average one race a month, so with it now being the end of March, it’s probably time to think more comprehensively about the year in running for me.

I didn’t run races in January or February.  The weather here was just too terrible.


3/15 NYC Half Marathon
3/28 Sandy Hook 5K


April is tough.  I plan on traveling while my kids are on break so that takes out one weekend, and Easter takes out a second.  I’m looking at either:

4/25:  Maren Sanchez Memorial 5K
4/26 Minuteman 10K


5/9:  Mother’s Day 10K
5/24:  Bridgeport Hospital Home Run 5K6

6/27:  Stratton Faxon 5K
6/28:  Stratton Faxon Half Marathon


7/24:  Trumbull Sunset Run 5K


8/30:  Women’s Triathlon (!!)


9/21:  Fall Distance Festival either the 10K or 20K


10/4:  4 Mile Trail Race


11/7:  Vicki Soto 5K
11/26:  Thanksgiving 5 Miler


12/12:  Christmas Village 5K

Yes, I did throw in another half as a possibility.  I ran that one last year, so I know I can do it.  I’m not sure I’m up for it, so it’s a possible.  I do like the idea of the 20K in September, that’s a long range goal and I know it’s doable (weather will be better then too).

I also have a Triathlon in the mix for August.  A group of women and I are going to train for this one together.  I am not sure about it at all, but I’ve committed so I will get there.  I have no idea how that will go at all.

There it is, my goal races for the year.  Guess it’s time to start signing up for some of these!


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