Half Marathon Training: Recovery Week

So here we are eight days post marathon and the road back has been both good and bad.

The good:  My feet and calves recovered quickly, aided I have no doubt by the awesome compression socks I got at the NYC Half Expo.  After the last one my feet were likely the worst of it, with blisters and bruised toenails (one of which later fell off entirely), and I’ve really had none of that this time.  Part of that has to do with the cooler temps, I think, but I also did better in the sock department.  Same goes for chafing; it was a much bigger issue last time, and while I did have one little bit of it after this one, it healed up quickly and I’m already good to go there.

I’ve already done two 3+ mile runs and they both felt great.  I don’t want to lose the fitness, so I moved up the runs in my plan.  Plus I have a 5K this weekend (I honestly would have done one Saturday if I could have) so I want to be ready; a week off won’t help me do well there.

The bad:  My quads are STILL killing me!  Eight days later!  I am not sure why this is, and this definitely didn’t happen to me last time.  I noticed they were still sore a few days later, and they loosened up after I took a yoga class on day 3.  But the soreness kicked back in like a mofo after I took a kickboxing class on Friday.  Not sure if it was because I was using muscles I hadn’t been using for a while?  But it is the same soreness I had after the race, so I have no idea if I just made it worse by taking that class.  I ran through the soreness yesterday, and have a 4.5 miler planned for this morning, so I hope it starts to wane soon.  I feel like a senior citizen with how slowly I am navigating stairs and getting up and out of chairs!

The other not so fun thing is that the bruise I got two days out from the race is still bugging me.  Running 13.1 on it definitely didn’t help it heal.  I know it will go away in time but it is still an annoyance.

I’m also very tired this week, which I’ve heard is not that uncommon.  I’ve tried to indulge in as much sleep at night as I can but I find myself dragging a bit on the energy levels during the day.  Also very “rungry” still, which is probably all mental at this point.  Yesterday I could Not.  Stop.  Eating.  I tried to fill the hunger with apples and popcorn and healthier choices but it was insane how often and how much I wanted to eat.  Need to get the mind over matter thing back in check!

Here’s what this week looked like for recovery:

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  60 min yoga
Thursday:  3.5 miles @ 12:56 pace
Friday:  45 min kickboxing, 30 min strength training
Saturday:  shoveling
Sunday:  3.4 miles @ 12:36 paceMonday:  4.5 miles (I am waiting until the temps rise above 20 degrees to do it so it’s not done yet!)

At this point I am thinking about setting up another MyASICS training plan even though I don’t have another distance race picked out.  I am definitely more motivated when I know the plan tells me I have to run that day.  I think it will push me to keep the mileage up as well; if I am left to my own devices, I will likely not run much above 5 miles and I want to keep up the fitness that comes with throwing in a long run here and there.  I’d like to find a good ten miler sometime in May perhaps, but I don’t really know of any at this point.  We’ll see.  🙂


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