Clean Eating Update: Week 4

Otherwise known as the week where I didn’t do so well.

Alright let me digress here and go piece by piece.

Sugar (Week 1):  Still doing well here. Never had dessert, which is the biggest crux.  Also still haven’t had any artificial sweeteners.  There are definitely still times where I want something sweet, but they are definitely less.  It is a lot easier to resist the sweet stuff now that I’ve been off of it for so long.  I did have several gels during the race, and I know they’re chock full of it, but obviously that was a special situation.

Dairy (Week 2):  Didn’t do so well here.  I totally forgot that feta cheese is dairy on Saturday and had Greek Salad and spanakopeta loaded with it.  And what’s a greek restaurant without flaming cheese?  Still, I only had it on Saturday and haven’t had it since.  Fridays during Lent aren’t exactly easy with no cheese and no meat, but I’m figuring out ways through.

Wine (Week 3):  Totally blew this one hard this week.  I’m so off the 2 drink a day wagon.  I have to get back there.  I had wine on Thursday, lots of it.  I did fine Friday and Saturday, but Sunday found me drinking 3 glasses of Prosecco to celebrate my race.  And yesterday?  I had a bad day, let’s just say that.  But I’m owning it and being accountable, so it’s time to move on.

Bread (Week 4):  Have done really well here, although I did have a slice at dinner on Saturday in preparation for the race, and another on Sunday as I was recovering.  But none before or since, not even croutons in the salad.

I think I am going to take this week to really get back on track before I add anything new to my clean eating goals.  I’m honestly not sure what to tackle next.   Maybe the “white stuff”?  I already don’t eat much of it, but I do have white potatoes, rice and pasta occasionally.

As for the weight component, I was down all week until the last two days, which have been Corned Beef and Cabbage days.  My weight was up this morning, and I am hoping/guessing it is the sodium from that (combined with two rest days post race).  I’ll look again in a day or two to get a real sense of where I am at this week.


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