I am all packed and ready to go for tomorrow.  I will travel by train from my home in SW CT today to visit the Expo and pick up my race bib, and hopefully enjoy some great runner geek shopping.  I’m worried it will be crowded and there won’t be much good stuff left, but life and family dictated it would work out like this.

Today will be horribly rainy, but I’ve been stalking NYC weather for days.  It is amazing how different it can be from where I live, just 60 miles away.  I’ve decided on my capri running pants (wore them for my first half), my good socks, my NYC training tech shirt.  Beyond that, I’ve packed two options.  It looks like it will be in the low forties to start the race and upper to finish.  I could go either way on my choices, so I have two in mind.  One is a warmer fleece jacket over my shirt.  The other is a lighter jacket with a throwaway sweatshirt over that.  The latter is what I think I will do but we’ll see how it goes.

It’s amazing how much gear you have to think of when you’re running a long race like this.  In my bag I’ve also included:

  • compression leg sleeves (for the train ride home after)
  • foot massage roller (same)
  • armband for phone
  • fuel belt
  • GU gels
  • earbuds, phone charger

I am also not wearing my running shoes into the city today, as it will be pouring rain today and I don’t want them to get wet.

I don’t plan on tracking my run in RunKeeper.  I think it will use up too much phone battery, so I’m just going to log it manually at the end.  It will kill me a bit not to have that map in my data, but I can’t risk a dead phone after the race.

This week’s runs have felt good.  Slow and easy, even five miles felt very doable, so I’m confident that tomorrow I can take it slow and steady and complete the race in roughly the same time or slightly better as I did my first half.  I did stub my toe yesterday and it is sporting a glorious bruise, so I’m a bit concerned about that, but I did run a bit yesterday just to see and it felt OK.  I spent most of the rest of the day puttering around the house and resting it.

I got up early this morning and decided to do what I have seen other bloggers do for big races, estimate where I will be when on the course.  This made it very real to me….and if by chance there are any readers out there who will be visiting NYC tomorrow, come cheer me on!  This is my best guess:

Mile 0:  8:15
Mile 1, Central Park, 90th and 5th:  8:28
Mile 2, Central Park, East Ave near 106th:  8:41
Mile 3, Central Park, 110th near 6th:  8:54
Mile 4, Central Park, West Ave near 97th:  9:07
Mile 5:  Central Park, West Ave near 79th:  9:20
Mile 6:  Central Park, West Ave near 61st:  9:33
LEAVE CENTRAL PARK:  9:35 (West side entrance on 59th)
Mile 7:  Times Square, 42nd and 7th (there are bleachers set up here):  9:47
Mile 8:  41st and West Side Highway:  10:01
Mile 9:  23rd and West Side Highway:  10:15
Mile 10:  West Side Highway north of Christopher Street:  10:29
Mile 11:  WSH Between Canal and Chambers:  10:43
Mile 12:  WSH Just north of Battery Park:  10:57
Mile 13:  Maiden Lane and Wall Street, 11:12
FINISH LINE, Wall Street and Water Street:  11:15

There’s nothing left to do now but go into the city and take in each moment.  I can’t wait!  This is my absolute dream race, the first one that made me think I could attempt a half marathon.  I cannot wait to experience it.


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