Clean Eating Update: Week 3

So I just completed my third week of self imposed “cleaner” eating.  Each week I have eliminated something to “clean up” my diet and hopefully spur weight loss.

This week the scale shows a slight gain, less than a pound.  I am not too worried about it, because I had not one but two restaurant meals yesterday, and I think that’s the culprit.  The sodium in restaurant meals is always a killer.

I do not normally eat out very often; we hardly ever go out for dinner and I may have lunch out with girlfriends once or twice a week.  But yesterday was my daughter’s birthday so the two things coincided.  I’m going to drink more water today to hopefully flush out the sodium and move forward from it.

So here’s where I am at:

Week 1:  Eliminate sugar, including artificial sweeteners, as much as possible.

This is still going strong.  I’m slowly working my way through the last of the sweetened non dairy yogurt I had purchased (I use it with my oatmeal), and I’m still not stressing about the sugar in my Clif bars that I use for running days (although I am having oatmeal on at least half of my running days now).  But I have totally gone cold on the use of artificial sweeteners, and am happy about it.  I still miss the sweetness in my coffee some days, but mostly I am over it.  I took a sip of my daughter’s tea yesterday, and realized it had the sweetener in it, and spit it out.  Once we get through our last box of the crap she’ll be on natural sugar. I’m done with it.

Last night was tough because it was her birthday, but I stayed strong and didn’t have any of her beautiful birthday cupcakes.  I nearly did, thinking, it was a special day, but I ended up realizing that it wasn’t worth it.  I don’t feel strong enough in my “sugar sobriety” yet to chance it.

Week 2:  Eliminate dairy.

This is mostly going well.  I again had a little sprinkling of cheese on some pizza that I didn’t stress too much about.  Also, my husband made a dinner on Sunday that had a cream based sauce.  I’m not going to be as militant about the dairy because these are such small instances.  I honestly don’t know if it is helping me feel any better, not having the dairy.  But I like the almond and coconut milks enough not to miss it.  The only rough spot continues to be if I am out and have coffee.  I’m still not a fan of it black.  But I’d rather do that than go back on my word.

Not sure how long I will keep up the no dairy thing.  I may end up, after Lent is over, allowing myself minimal amounts (say real milk when I am out in my coffee).  I’m not sure what it’s really doing for me.

Week 3:  No more than 2 alcohol units per day.

I’m not going to lie, this hasn’t always been easy.  Last night, for example, I really wanted a third.  It was my daughter’s birthday and we were enjoying a lovely evening, and I was ready to pour another.  But every time I replay that sentence for myself, it worries me that it feels “tough” to stick to 2 drinks a day.  So when I look at it that way, it seems like a no brainer: if you can’t say no, that means you have a problem.  And I really, really don’t want to have a problem.  So 2 a day it is.

Ideally, I’d like to continue to whittle this down further.  That’s a goal I will continue to work on.

What to do this week?  I think it’s going to be bread.

I don’t eat a lot of bread to begin with, but it is sneaky.  It shows up at the table at restaurants, my husband loves it with every meal, the nice crusty Italian kind.  I don’t eat sandwiches so it won’t be hard to live without there but the kind that I I think it is OK to have one slice of here and there?  It has to add up.  Plus my family are big crouton eaters in salads, and I just munch away on them, thinking that they are part of the salad.

Four or five of those suckers is probably equivalent to a slice of bread.

So this week I’m going to be vigilant about the bread.  No bread.  That’s the plan for the week.  All that crusty leftover garlic bread in my fridge will have to be parceled out to the kids or frozen, because I.  Will. Not.  Eat.  It.




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