Half Marathon Training: Week 12

I can hardly believe that by this time next week, when I write this post, it will include a race recap.  I’m nearly there, the NYC Half is six days away!  I’m in full on “watching the weather for Sunday and freaking out” mode.

This was another tough training week due to weather issues here in SW CT.  Here is what the week rounded out like:

Tue:  11.8 miles @ 13:55 pace
Wed:  Shoveling and Roof Raking
Thu:  More Shoveling and Roof Raking
Fri:  4.5 miles @ 12:22 pace (treadmill)
Sat:  Rest
Sun:  4.5 miles @ 12:17 pace
Mon:  3.1 miles at 12:39 pace

My long run on Tuesday was pretty miserable.  I started out at about 18 degrees and finished at maybe 25.  The roads were icy and snow was banked pretty close to the curb so there were a few close calls out on the road.  I noticed at about mile 7 that my sweat soaked ponytail was now frozen.  It was a weird feeling of being warm and cold all at once.  By mile 8 I felt really, really lousy and there was a lot of walking between mile 8 and nearly mile 12.  I didn’t route myself perfectly so I came in just shy of 12 miles, which had been the goal.  I was beyond caring when I finished so I just called it a day.

We got more snow that afternoon and it turned to rain/sleet overnight.  Unfortunately for me this meant the 12+ inches on our roof started to cause issues as it melted.  I spent all of Wednesday, when I truly had intended to go to a class or run after the kids’ school delay, shoveling the slop on my driveway and frantically calling around to find someone to shovel off our roof.  While I waited for the guy to come, I roof raked in the hopes of reducing the load on our addition, which has a flatter roof and sits in the shade all day, so it had the most issues.  Eventually the guy came, and I breathed a bit easier, but was so incredibly sore that the thought of running had absolutely no appeal.

On Thursday we got 5 more inches of white, fluffy snow on top of the muck that had turned into ice overnight.  I spent hours that day shoveling and clearing it from our newly cleaned roof with the rake.  The kids were completely off of school this day as well.  I was physically so tired from all of the shoveling that I again didn’t get a run in.

By Friday things started looking up.  The subzero temps kept me indoors, but I did a great run on my treadmill where I slowly increased my speed in two minute intervals up until I was at my max speed.  Then I dropped down half a mile per hour and worked back up.  I was able to repeat this three times to get in my prescribed 4.5 miles at one of the fastest paces for that distance I’ve done on the treadmill.

On Saturday I had intended to do yoga but kids’ activities and husband’s plans got in the way of that.  So I was primed and ready when I went out yesterday for another 4.5 miler.  The temperature was great, about 28 degrees, and the muck was still mostly frozen and confined to the side of the roads.  I ended up pushing to 5 miles because it felt so good.

This morning I was scheduled to do a 3 mile jog, and it felt easy and clean.  So great to actually be able to run outdoors again.  I am hopeful that we stay above 25 degrees for the race.  Right now the forecast isn’t great; it’s calling for sleet or rain that morning, which would be miserable.  I am hoping the forecast improves.  😦

I’m not really pleased with the training for this race.  So much time on the treadmill that I’m not sure of how I’ll do.  I have done most of my runs but somehow my confidence just isn’t there.  My long runs just haven’t felt very good; the last few miles have been really much tougher than I would hope.  My only prayer is that I hear the biggest hills are in the start of the course for the half this weekend.  The last five, six miles are all headed downtown so that should all be fairly flat.  Since all of my outdoor runs have had hills, some of them significant, I hope this means I’ll have an easier time than I have had at home.

I guess all I can do is wait and see.  I have just two more runs scheduled before the race, as I am tapering.  I plan to do yoga the day before.  Then, the rest is all in God’s hands.  And my feet.  🙂


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