Clean Eating Update: Week 2

I am pretty happy with how well I have been able to quickly get used to my two big changes in the last week.

Sugar update:  I haven’t had any sugary desserts or sugary foods at all since making the decision two weeks ago.  That includes artificial sweetener in my coffee, which had been a staple.  I’m pretty used to it now.  There have been a few cravings for something sweet in the last few days, and when that hits, I will grab an apple and peanut butter or a banana. But otherwise, I am already amazed at how quickly my tastebuds have gotten used to the less sweet side of life.

Even so, I’m consistently surprised that I routinely exceed my allotted sugar grams for the day (I have been tracking on My Fitness Pal).  It doesn’t differentiate natural sugars from artificial ones.  Even with totally giving up sugary foods, my diet still is pretty high in sugar.  So now I’m watching more carefully to see which foods have more sugar grams.

Caveat:  it has been hard to find certain things without added sugar of some sort.  My Kind bars have sugar (so disappointed!), but I’ve only been eating them for long run fuel, so I’m dealing with it.  Also even the almond and soy yogurts have it.  I went out of my way to buy some plain soy yogurt last week, only to taste it and found it had cane syrup in it.  But overall, I’m still in a far better place than I was, so I am happy there.

Dairy:  It hasn’t been terribly hard to give up dairy since switching to almond milk in my coffee.  The biggest thing was the aforementioned yogurt, but I’m happy with the non dairy ones I’ve found.  Cheese is the toughest, and while I don’t eat a lot routinely, it is often in foods I eat when dining out.  So I am being more careful and reading things more carefully.

I had two slip ups this week:  one was deliberate.  We were volunteering at school on Friday evening and ordered cheese pizza for dinner.  I ate it.  The other was eating Smartfood popcorn not realizing it was dusted with White Cheddar.  I know this one is minimal, but I’m owning it.

I don’t know that I see any real difference in how I feel with eliminating the dairy, but my weight did drop this week by 3 pounds, so maybe there’s something to it.

Up next:  alcohol.  It’s time.  I’ve been avoiding this one because it really is something I truly enjoy.  And because of that, I’m not going to eliminate it, I’m going to reduce my intake.  I’m putting a 2 drink a day cap on myself.  We often have wine with dinner, and I have two glasses.  There are days when it is more.  And lately, there have been more of those days than I would care to admit.  So it is definitely time.  I know when I have a glass or two at night watching tv it leads to snacking.  And at the end of the day, the calories are empty.  So it is time.



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