Half Marathon Training: Week 11

I don’t know in the ten years that I’ve lived in New England that we’ve ever had a winter like this.  I remember I used to say to friends here that winters in Michigan were colder, snow was more frequent, and you’d have constant snow cover all winter long, since the temperatures rarely got above freezing.  In other words, things that don’t normally happen here.

They’ve all happened here.  This was another week of battling life and the elements in trying to get the runs in.  The race is in 13 days, and so tapering technically is supposed to have begun.  I was scheduled to do my last long run Sunday, but then we had a big snow storm.  Normally I would move it to the next day, today, but the kids had a school delay and the roads are just a mess from all of the snow.  So I’ve decided to attempt it tomorrow.  We’ll see how it goes.

I also had a car accident on Thursday.  I’m OK, but the car is not.  It was after I’d gotten my run in, at least, but it screwed up the next few days for me as well.  And while I think that I feel stronger this training cycle, I know that I had a much easier time sticking to my training plan for my half last year.

Still, I’m not worried.  As a friend said at the gym last week, “You got in an eleven miler, you’ll be fine.”  And I know that’s true.

This week looked like this:

Tues:  Rest
Wed:  30 min.  HIIT class
Thurs:  3.3 miles @ 13:15 pace and 30 min. HIIT class
Fri:  Rest
Sat:  60 min yoga
Sun:  6.5 miles @ 13:18 pace (treadmill)
Mon:  3 miles @ 13:15 pace (treadmill)

This coming week looks snowy again.  We may in fact get snow tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday all in a row.  But the snow shouldn’t start until late in the afternoon, so my 12 miler should happen.  I hope so.


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