To Cleanse Or Not To Cleanse

Everywhere I go anymore, people are trying to sell me on cleansing.  It’s been building to a fever pitch over the last few months and I honestly just can’t take it anymore!  Ugh to cleansing.

I don’t believe my body is toxic and holding onto very, very bad things.  I believe my body is built to cleanse itself and it does (that’s what the liver and kidneys are for).  I’m tired of people trying to sell me on pills and powders and telling me that my food, real food, is not nutritious enough.

I get the desire to lose weight, I do.  Believe me, I want to lose weight as well.  And if you’ve got 50+ pounds to lose, I’m not averse to you going on one of these programs to get that jump start you need to get you back on track.  My frustration is honestly not with people like that.  My frustration is with healthy, perfectly healthy people who are already at their healthy weight signing up for this program because they are being sold a bill of goods that their bodies need extra help “cleansing” themselves.  I call bullshit.

The thing about these programs are, in addition to all the pills and potions they sell you (and make no mistake, these programs are expensive ways to achieve weight loss or bliss or health or whatever you’re after), they ask you to do the actual real things that are probably the real reasons why people feel so good (after the first lousy few weeks of it, I mean).

They ask you to do what any sane person knows you should do to clean up your diet:  cut out booze, sugar and caffeine.  Cut out processed foods.  Cut out dairy and wheat.  Hello, it’s Whole 30 but with better money making potential!

And in case you don’t know how I really feel about it, here it is for you in one sentence (caps intended): YOU AREN’T CLEANSING YOUR BODY WHEN YOU PUMP IT FULL OF ARTIFICIAL, PROCESSED CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the thing though.  When I tell this to friend after friend who jumps on the cleansing bandwagon (and at this point I count 8 at least), they look at me funny.  You know why?  Because if I know all of this, if this is true and I believe it, why have I gained weight this year?  Why aren’t I skinny and at my healthy weight?  Where do I get off saying this stuff when obviously I could use a cleanse or two, right?

And they have a point.

So it’s time.  It’s time to put my money where my mouth is.  Starting today, I’m going to, one week at a time, start cleaning up my eating (and drinking).  I know myself better than to go cold turkey on all of my bad habits because I’ll be setting myself up for failure.  But here’s what I am going to do:  for the next six weeks, I am going to focus on one thing, one habit, one thing that I am eating or drinking that is not helping my body be the best it can be.

This week?  Sugar.

I am going to start the process by cutting out sugar wherever I can, including artificial sweeteners.  For the next six weeks (Hello, Lent) I am going to cut out desserts, sweets, added sugar, added artificial sweeteners (I use it every single day in my coffee and I know it’s horrendous for me).

That’s it.  Step one.  Sugar.  One step closer to being cleaner.

Because I truly do believe that I can “cleanse” my body by eating whole, real, honest, natural foods.  And I would really, REALLY, REALLY like to be able to use my own progress to be able to prove it.

Here we go.


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