Half Marathon Training: Week 9

Week 9: aka the week that wasn’t.

I had the best of intentions, I did.  I rescheduled all but one of my runs for outside of the time that I had intended to travel to Florida for my dad’s wedding last week.  I packed my running gear, looking forward to some warm weather runs in the sun.

They didn’t happen.

I left my house early (and by early I mean 3:45 am) Wednesday morning.  After a mad dash in the dark down to the airport and a even madder dash to meet my second plane in Atlanta, I arrived in warm and sunny Sarasota, FL.  I knew that day wouldn’t have a run in the cards, although the dashing and a bit of meandering through the streets of downtown counted for a little something.

Thursday was wedding day, and if I’d been more on the ball, I would have gotten up early and ran that morning; it was the quietest.  But I’d wanted to spend time with my Dad, and then my siblings arrived and we spent some time together by the pool in the hotel (again, if I’d been thinking, I would have at least suggested a walk around the grounds, but I digress).

On Friday my Dad met us early for breakfast, and I was too hung over from the wedding the night before to get up before he arrived to hit the treadmill.  We spent the morning doing some touristy stuff in Sarasota together, and then had dinner with the happy couple.  I had hoped to run on the beach, or at least walk on it, but a change of plans prevented that.

On Saturday, again, I had intended to go either out on the road or onto the treadmill for a run, but the schedule proved too tight.  I did walk around a bit at the Farmers’ Market that morning.  We were all scheduled to leave that day, but while my siblings made it out alright, my flight was cancelled and I moved out of the hotel and back to my dad’s for the extra night.  I toyed with the idea of an afternoon run, but instead opted for a post dinner stroll with my dad around downtown.  I was glad for the extra time with him, for sure.

On Sunday, again, I probably could have pushed myself out of bed early for a run, but spending time with my dad and his new spouse seemed like the better choice.  I spent the rest of the day traveling back home, arriving back to frigid cold temps and a happy family.

On the plus side, my legs were itching for a run this morning, and I nailed my nearly 5 mile treadmill run.  I went much faster than I thought I would be able to after a slow first mile.  Clearly this is why people taper before a race.  The five days of rest definitely left me feeling fresh and ready to run.

So, it was not a great week mileage wise, although it was a great week for my family.  🙂  Time to get back into training with just a month left to go!
Tuesday:  3.2 treadmill miles at 13:40 pace, plus shoveling
Wednesday:  walking through airports and around town
Thursday:  rest
Friday:  walking around town
Saturday:  walking around town
Sunday:  walking through airports
Monday:  4.71 treadmill miles at 12:44 pace


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