Half Marathon Training: Week 8

Still stuck in the snow here in SW CT.  We have had snow every few days and often, cold to go along with it.  It could be worse of course….we’re not Boston, so where they have gotten 15-20″ storms, we’ve gotten 12″, 8″, 4″, 6″….it just keeps coming though.  It wreaks havoc on the kids’ school schedules (they are out today for the third Monday in a row, and only had two full days of school last week) and of course, my training.  But somehow, I logged the miles this week.

Monday:  Shoveling
Tuesday:  4.5 @ 12:48 and then 5.5 @ 14:02, treadmill runs
Wednesday:  HIIT class
Thursday:  3 miles @ 13:07 and boxing class
Friday:  kickboxing and strength classes
Saturday:  3.6 miles @ 12:53 outside (messy)
Sunday:  5.2 miles @ 12:50 outside
Monday:  4 miles @ 12:54 treadmill and shoveling
I know.  It’s a weird week.  Besides my broken up ten miles on Monday (the only way I could eek out a ten miler on the treadmill was to break it up) there aren’t any big long runs.

My ASICS training plan finished out my “Getting Faster” this week and started the “Going Further” portion. I’m not entirely sure then why it didn’t ask me to do any longer runs…during Getting Faster it had me doing 8.5 mile runs.  But this week it dropped me back down to 6.5 mile runs, but it was asking me to do them faster.  Between the snow and traveling this week, I had two 6.5 mile runs scheduled for this weekend, a total of thirteen miles.  I took my dog for my run on Saturday, intending to do four or five miles, but the melty, dirty snow was just too much for him.  He was filthy and the melt was refreezing on his legs and torso, so I had to cut it short.  I intended to go further the following day, but then my shoes, which I purchased half a size too small a month and a half ago, started to rub the wrong way and I was seriously hurting.  And then this morning, due to a total math miscalculation, I logged four miles, which I thought put me over the top of my mileage goal but actually put me 0.2 below it.  Not a huge deal, of course, but still.

I am getting better at doubling up on activities.  Either two runs or a run and a class, or a run and shoveling, something I never really felt OK with before.  I’m not seeing any great gains in speed either, and I know it is because I’m just trying to get through the miles.  I am supposed to do a three mile jog tomorrow, but I will try to turn it into an interval run if the shoveling doesn’t leave me too sore today.

At this point my plan says that I have completed 34/54 prescribed runs, and I have logged 144 miles out of 257.  So I’m over half way there, which makes sense as the race is just over a month away.  The biggest mileage weeks are the next two and a half weeks.   It’s surreal.



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