I Did It! Ten Miles Today.

I managed to run ten miles today!  Yay, me!

We have tons of snow on the ground here after several big storms, the latest of which finished up about 6pm last night.  Running outside was not in the cards.  I had already  bumped my ten mile run from Sunday, and then to Monday, and then to today.  I wasn’t sure how I would manage ten miles on the treadmill.  But I did.

What I ended up doing was splitting it.  My kids had a 2.5 hour school delay today, which meant the high schooler would need to be on the bus by 9:15am.  I was up by 6:30, so I hit the treadmill by 7am and logged 4.5 miles in just under an hour.  This allowed me plenty of time to get both kids up, fed and ready for school by the time their buses would come.

Once the kids (and the husband) were all safely out of the house, I went back to the treadmill to finish up.  The idea of 5.5 miles was daunting after already running for an hour, but I told myself that this run didn’t need to be fast, and that I would just stay on that treadmill until I got it done.  This is the same approach I take to my long runs….I tell myself that I will just log the miles, however slow they go.

It was a mental stretch, definitely.  I took the second run much slower than the first, and kept reminding myself that I wasn’t just doing 5.5 miles, I was really doing 10.  Every time I felt tired, I calculated how much I’d run in total, and it really helped keep me in the game.  I found myself saying “only 3 miles left”, “only 2 miles left”, when not so long ago, those amounts would be the whole run.

I’m so glad I did it.  I proved to myself that no matter what, I can get these runs done inside if I need to.  Splitting the run on the same day is going to work for me.   I just hope I can do my next long run outside (although the forecast isn’t looking great).  Or any of my next few weeks’ runs.  It really isn’t nearly as fun doing them inside, but I am so grateful to have my treadmill as an option for training this year!


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2 responses to “I Did It! Ten Miles Today.”

  1. golddh says :

    That’s a great strategy and glad it was successful!

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