Half Marathon Training: Week 7

Here in the snowy Northeast, we have had several weeks of snow storms every few days.  I am missing runs, trying to reschedule them, missing my classes at the gym and generally pretty much over this winter.  We had very little snow for most of January but now this active pattern is kicking my training plan’s ass.  Sigh.

The week has looked like this:

Tue:  3.5 miles @ 13:02 pace
Wed:  Rest Day
Thu:  3 miles @ 13:57 pace
Fri:  2 miles @ 12:35 pace plus strength training at the gym
Sat:  Yoga
Sun:  Unplanned Rest Day

Tuesday’s run was a miserable follow up to the bone chilling 5.5 mile run I had done the day before.  I was supposed to log a 9 mile long run last Monday and temps here were about 18 degrees with a fierce gusty wind.  I ran outdoors as long as I could manage it, figuring I’d split that long run and do the rest indoors the next day on the treadmill.  This was the day of the Blizzard of 2015 (we got about foot of snow here) so I knew I wouldn’t be running outside at all.

Wednesday I’d hoped to get to the gym, but we had a school delay from the previous day’s snow, so I couldn’t manage it.  On Thursday, I made the mistake of doing my run late in the afternoon after a heavy lunch.  I thought I might vomit on the treadmill.  I was supposed to do a 4.5 mile fast run, but three miles at a snail’s pace was all I had in me.  I made up the rest of the miles the next morning on the treadmill, and then headed to the gym.  Even though we’d had another school delay, I was at least able to get in a strength class that they pushed back due to the weather.

Saturday was yoga.  I absolutely love my yoga instructor, and I hadn’t been in two weeks because of the weather.  So even though it was literally 0 degrees when I left my house, I got up early for it and I’m glad I did.  It was more strenuous than usual.  I should have pushed Sunday’s planned run to Saturday on the treadmill, but I was holding out hope for an outdoor run.

Unfortunately for me, I stayed out late at a fundraiser Saturday, and slept in Sunday.  I should have hit the treadmill before church, but just didn’t.  I could have run in the afternoon outside, but I had too many things to do in advance of the Super Bowl so I didn’t get my run in.

And today?  My ten miler?  I woke up to about 8 inches of fresh snow and another school cancellation this morning.  😦  I got in some cardio clearing the driveway, but the treadmill is also in the same space that my husband is using to work from home today.  So I don’t think that is happening.  I may try to split it into five and five, today and tomorrow.  I hate to keep splitting these long runs but I am not sure how else I am going to get in the miles with this weather.

Hoping this weather system breaks soon so I can get back outdoors and get in some good miles soon.


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