Half Marathon Training: Week 6

Well here in CT we are prepping for a blizzard coming our way.  Forecasters are using words like “historic” and “crippling” so we’re all a little on edge here.  The temperature has dropped from a balmy 35 yesterday to a bone chilling 18 right now.  Needless to say, my planned 9 miler this morning didn’t quite go as planned.  I made it to mile 5.5 before calling it over.

The problem, for me on today’s run and on any run below 20 degrees, is my legs.  I clearly need to get a different plan on for my lower body attire for the below 25 range of temps.  I can make it a good three-four miles in what I have now, which is essentially running tights and a pair of sweatpants over them, but I must need to get something insulated or something for these colder runs.  I’m not going to be able to pull a 10 miler on my treadmill, there’s just no way.

This run this morning was absolute misery.  While I felt warm with my gloves and layers and headband, my legs grew more leaden the entire time I was out.  Plus, the sweat on my face would feel like ice whenever the wind blew, which was about 50-60 % of the time.  Such a strange feeling to feel warm and cold at the same time.  It really slowed me down.  I didn’t even think about pace for the last two miles.  I walked some of it, drank water, and just slogged through.  I could tell people who passed me in their cars thought I was stupid:  we’re in disaster prep mode here, and who is this chick running in temps below twenty?  To be honest, I felt kind of stupid too.  But whatever.  My plan is to make up the four miles I didn’t get in on the treadmill tomorrow morning, if we don’t lose power (please don’t let us lose power).

Other than today’s run, however, I am seeing progress.  I ran 4.5 miles yesterday and it was truly awesome.  I am at the point in my training where these shorter runs feel so much easier than they did just a few weeks ago.  It was truly enjoyable.

Here’s what the rest of the week looked like:

Tues:  Rest Day
Wed:  HIIT class
Thurs:  4.7 miles at 12:47 pace
Fri:  Kickboxing and strength training classes
Sat:  1 hour of shoveling of heavy, wet snow
(was supposed to go to yoga, but the snow prevented that from happening)
Sun:  4.6 miles at 12:37 pace
Mon:  5.6 miles at 13:15 pace


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2 responses to “Half Marathon Training: Week 6”

  1. CARLA says :

    walked mine this weekend and it was SO SO SO MUCH FUN!!!

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