Year of Running: 2014

What a year it has been.  This has really been a turning point year for me with my running.  I started running with the Couch25K program in late 2011.  By 2012 I was running 5Ks and feeling good about it.  I thought I could really push it and run a 10K that spring, but I didn’t train properly for it.  It was a miserable experience, and I swore off distances for quite a while.  In 2013 I regained some of my confidence by doggedly training, and I ran 4, 5 and 6 mile races feeling better about them.  Not fast, mind you, but comfortably.  Now I’m a good three years in and I feel like running has become a routine, a habit, a way of life.

Last year I ran 13 races in 12 months.  This year I ran 15 races in 12 months (17 if you count virtual runs).  There have been some great ones, some terrible ones and a lot in between.  My year in running looked like this:

Feb:  Sweetheart 4 Mile Race
Mar:  Shamrock and Roll 5K
James Mattioli Memorial 5K
Sandy Hook 5K  (virtual)
Apr:  Donnelly Dash 3.5 M
Westport Minuteman 10K
May:  DAWS Wag Your Tail 5K
Norwalk Mother’s Day 10K
Jun:  Stratton Faxon Half Marathon
Jul:   Trumbull Sunset Run 5K
Aug:  MADD Dash 5K
Newtown Road Race 5K
Oct:   Monroe Trail Run 4M  (virtual)
Nov:  Vicki Soto 5K
Fischang-Cichetti 5K
Dec:  Jingle Bell 5K

  • Best race experience? Has to be the Stratton Faxon Half.  Not only was it such a personal milestone, but the race was really well organized and put together.  Plenty of hydration and fuel available, fantastic T shirt, easy pre race pick up and they even gave us a 13.1 magnet for the car.
  • Best run? Probably the James Mattioli race.  It is to date my PR for the 5K distance.  Beautiful, super flat course.  Nice weather, lots of people I knew there.  Although the Trumbull Sunset Run was also very nice.  Despite a hilly course, it felt like a great run, very picturesque and they gave out free Italian ice and pizza after.  🙂
  • Best new piece of gear?  Before the last month I would have said my running hat; it is a lightweight, breathable hat that keeps the sun out of your eyes and actually kept me cool during some hot runs this summer.  But now that it is cooler I am absolutely loving my new running gloves from Hind.  They have gloves but then a mitten that goes over them to keep you warm.  The fingers have that material that still allows you to work your phone, and there’s even a little LED light on them.
  • Best piece of running advice you received?  To run my own race.  To not let anyone else’s time or performance make me think less of the miles I log or how hard I have worked.  Also, to run at least three days a week to maintain performance, four to improve.  That advice served me well training for my half.
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?  Grateful.  I am grateful to have found an activity that helps me not only become more fit, but set goals and work towards accomplishing them.  I enjoy running, even if I am not the fastest one out there.  I am grateful every day to be able to lace up my shoes and get out there doing something I never thought I could.

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