Wednesday Weigh In

I’m down from my weigh in last week (which I did not post about because ugh) but up from when I checked in last.

It’s finally come down to reality.  My clothes are tight.  You can’t gain seven-nine (depending on day, time of day, etc) without you feeling it.  But I hadn’t really noticed it much as the scale has crept up.  One, two, five pounds, it hadn’t hit.

Then like a lightning bolt this week, suddenly, everything is tight.  Nothing looks good, nothing feels good.  It’s finally real.  You know how you do the thing where the scale is moving up, but then you kind of get used to the higher numbers?  The number that used to freak you out no longer does?  And then it goes higher than that, and you’re just hoping to get down to that number that used to piss you off when you saw it on the scale?

Yeah, that’s where I am at.

Plus I haven’t been running/exercising as much due to work on the house we’re having done, and I’m sure that’s part of it.

The worst thing?  I have a friend who has been doing one of those cleanse programs, and she came up to me yesterday and said, “You always work so hard, but for some reason you don’t ever seem to get the results you are looking for.  I think you’d really benefit from the cleanse.”  (For the record I have always been extremely against cleanse programs based on pills and shakes because I think they aren’t as healthy as using real foods.  Then again, my waistline is pretty much up for anything that will reduce its size at this point).

Seriously.  This wasn’t said out of malice, or trying to gain a sale, or anything other than real, genuine concern.  Which means that if *I* can feel and see the gain, so can everyone else.

And we’re heading into the holidays.

So it’s time, for the fifty billionth time to get my crap together.

Current Week: -0.6 lbs over last week, +0.8 over two weeks ago
Total Weight Left To Lose: 17.4 lbs
Age: 44
BMI: 28.8


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