October Progress Report

Well the end of another month so it’s time to get a sense of where I am at.

Last month at this time, I felt completely out of control.  Off the rails.  This month (although truly just in the last two weeks) I feel like I am more committed, more accountable.  I am tracking again in MyFitnessPal.  I am exercising more regularly having found a new bootcamp class.  I saw what the next decade looks like and I decided that I didn’t want to go there.

Have I been perfect?  No.  Yesterday I was having a stressful day and we are having construction done at home.  I went to my favorite takeout place to grab lunch.  I should have grabbed a salad.  Instead I very purposefully ordered a soup and sandwich.  Granted they were healthier options than say a Big Mac and fries, but I knew they weren’t ideal.  I’m still a work in progress.  But I feel like I am on the right track staring down the last two months of the year, which is progress.

Running Goals:

1.  Run at least one race a month.

I ran one official race this month, last weekend, a 5K.  I also ran an unofficial 4 mile run while away in Vermont that was technically a virtual race.  I keep seeing virtual races online and somehow, they just don’t feel official to me.

2.  New Goal:  5K in under 35 minutes.

I actually will be running another 5K today and hoping to reach this milestone.  Last weekend’s race I was off by over a minute, and I’m not sure why.  It was a flat, fast course and I should have been able to muster this goal after the training program I have been working on through MyAsics.  I’ve prepared better this week to be ready for today, so here’s hoping.  Unfortunately the weather is not looking great for today so I’m not sure if that will help or hurt (rainy, 40s).  Last year I ran this race in 36:03, so I need to shave over a minute off of it.  We’ll see.

Weight/Food Goals

Finally reach my goal weight.

I am actually the same weight I was at the start of October, so no progress in this department.  And up 3.5 lbs since January, so obviously backwards from Jan 1.  Sigh.  All I can do is take each day and try to start fresh no matter what I did the day before.  One win?  No Halloween candy last night.  It’s the little things, the little choices adding up, that will get me there.

If I could honestly be down ten by the end of the year, I’d take that.  Even five.  Just not where I am right now.

Onto November!


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