Wednesday Weigh In

I haven’t disappeared.  I’m still out here.  I am not one of those weight loss bloggers that disappears when the going gets rough.  I’m still here.  I’m still trying.  I am still plugging away (and sometimes, still sabotaging myself).

I honestly have stopped posting every Wednesday because it feels like rinse and repeat.  I either brag about the miniscule loss I have been able to post at the scale or I complain about the gain.  Back and forth, over and over.  I discuss my headspace which is either in the game or out of it.  I go up and down in motivation, I go up and down in food choices, I go up and down in exercise routines and levels.

I read a lot of blogs about health, running and weight loss and I find myself continuously amazed (and definitely jealous) of those that seem to have this all figured out.  Ones that are consistently losing and really in control.  Or the runners that are knocking out run times routinely that I only dream about.  I feel like even when I have my stuff together, it isn’t ever really together.  I just happen to have had a string of decent days or weeks.

I’m still way up over my numbers this spring, but I happen to have posted a loss this week.  That’s likely because the number was elevated from a girls’ weekend the week before.  I’m grateful for that and recognizing the positive choices I made last week to get the number on the scale lower.  If it had gone higher I would have pushed into territory I haven’t seen for eighteen months, and that would be very disheartening.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I’m still here, still going at it, not giving up, but recognizing that this is a road I think I will always be on.  I have to put in place the permanent kind of changes (no bread at meals, no second helpings, fewer carbs/grains in general, less alcohol) that are the difference between near my goal and nowhere near my goal.

I have definitely realized in the last few weeks that the exercise thing, which is always pretty consistent for me, simply is not the way I will lose these pounds.  The food choices are where the weight loss comes in.  I’m not saying the exercise isn’t important, because it is.  It improves my cardiovascular fitness and energy and mood, but it isn’t going to help me lose weight (maintain weight yes, lose weight no).

So for now, my head is above water.  I’m still here.  And I’m still trying.

Current Week:-1.6 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose: 17 lbs
Age: 44
BMI: 28.7


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