Wednesday Weigh In/July Progress Report

So I am officially dumbfounded and irritated and I risk sounding like all of those weight loss bloggers who secretly are eating more than they think they are but remain mystified as to why they are not losing (or actually gaining) weight.

I’m up a whole pound this week.  And since my half marathon, up nearly five pounds.  WTF?

I could see the slide happening a few weeks ago, but I put on the brakes.  Started really paying attention.  Forcing myself to get up early to exercise.  And while I knew I wasn’t losing, I was OK with it taking a few days (weeks) for the good habit changes to finally kick in.

This week?  I’m truly at a loss.  I am.   While I’ve reached pretty much all of my fitness goals for the year and feel really good about them, it’s clear it’s time for some new goals.  Food goals.  Because I am disciplined when I set myself up for a challenge with a goal.  I have to clearly really get some clarity on my food choices because I simply have to be eating more than I think I am.

So here’s a recap of my previous goals, with some new ones added:

1.  Run at least one race a month.

July’s race was the Sunset 5K I ran last week.  It was awesome.  Loved it.

2.  Run at least 2 10Ks this year.

This was done in April and May.  Looking for a fall one.

3.  Run a half marathon.

Done in June.  I don’t think I will find another one this year.  I am definitely going to put in for the lottery for the NYC in March.  There is a chance I might be able to join a local charity group to do it, and if I can do that and guarantee entry, I will.

4.  Finally reach my goal weight.

Here’s the one I’m sliding on.  Have gained nearly 5 lbs this month.  Obviously this requires some serious thought and new goals.  I’m no closer than I was when I set this goal in January and it’s now the end of July.

5.  Cut back to one drink a night on weeknights.

Just typing this makes my hackles rise up.  Makes me sound like an alcoholic.  But the honest truth is I do relax with a glass or two of wine pretty much every night.  And it has to be part of my issue.

6.  No snacking after 8pm.

I don’t do this a lot, but when I do, it becomes mindless, and I think a few hundred calories go out the window in minutes.  Even if this happens three nights a week, that adds up.

7.  Salads

I’ve been doing a better job of this in the last few weeks, and it reminds me that if I get creative, I really do love a good salad.  Salads are key to weight loss.  They fill you up for lower amounts of calories.  I need to aim for at least three meals that are salads (likely lunches) a week to start.

I’m going to stop there.  These are three new goals that are quantifiable and measurable, not vague like “pay attention to portion size”.  I can check off when I eat three salads a week.  I can look at a clock and know I’m not going to eat anything else.  I can pour one drink and have that be it.

I’m going to check in on these three new goals in next week’s weigh in, a month is likely too long for me to go without wanting to be accountable to them.

Here’s to taking action and moving forward.

Current Week: + 1 lb
Total Weight Left To Lose: 15.2 lbs
Age: 43
BMI: 28.4


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