Wednesday Weigh In

I can’t decide how I feel about today’s weigh in.  I weigh exactly the same as I did last week.

The good:  even though the scale didn’t respond, I know I had a much more conscious week this week.  I really thought carefully about what I chose to eat and drink.  I (mostly) cut down on my wine and made different choices on my snacks than the usual popcorn and nuts.  I filled my fridge with fresh fruit and farmers market vegetables and I could tell the difference in how I felt after making good, solid, healthy choices in my meals and snacks.  I also have been much better about getting up early to run/walk and I feel so much better when I’ve gotten my workout done before the kids are up.  It just sets the whole day up right.

The bad:  I still slipped up out with friends on Sunday.  I was very careful with my food, but even still, the food that was available wasn’t perfect.  I definitely drank too much and felt like garbage on Monday.  I did much better yesterday only to have a bit of a stressful evening.  Where did I end up?  On my sofa watching Bravo, drinking wine and eating veggie sticks (well, at least it wasn’t popcorn).

The verdict?  I am going to call it progress, even though the scale didn’t respond. I have reminded myself how great I feel when I am in control of my eating.  I have tried foods I haven’t eaten in a while and realized I really do like them (salads, apples, etc).  The trick is to stick to the healthy foods that I really enjoy eating.  I don’t need to force myself to love spaghetti squash, it just isn’t going to happen.  But I can eat eggs, fruit, yogurt, fresh foods that are in season right now.  I feel full, satisfied and no regret.  That’s the path forward.

So for now, I’m keeping on.

Current Week: no change
Total Weight Left To Lose:  14.2 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  28.2


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Somewhere on the journey to a better life, depending on the day...moving (mostly) forward.

One response to “Wednesday Weigh In”

  1. Mama Ames says :

    You didn’t gain. That’s winning in my book 🙂

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