Brain Dump

Have a little time to myself today, which is something I haven’t really had in quite a while.  I literally have zero tasks looming that need to get done that I am procrastinating on.  Well that may not be entirely true but I don’t have any big ones.  Which feels awesome.  It seems like every summer I get wrapped up in some sort of work that is timed poorly and my focus isn’t where it needs to be, which is my kids.  And myself.

There are a few things rattling around in my brain today and I thought I’d get them out since I actually have the time.

1.  Getting up early to exercise….worth it.  Works better with a friend.

The last few weeks I have found it terribly hard to motivate myself to get up early and exercise.  I literally talked myself out of a planned run last Wednesday at 6am.  I just didn’t “feel like it”.  Today, a girlfriend and I made a date to go for a run (which turned into a walk because of the heat, but that’s not the point) at 6am.  The accountability of having a partner made us both do it.  And you know what?  It felt so freaking awesome to be in my shower at 7:30 knowing I’d gotten in some great activity.  Plus my friend and I had a chance to catch up since we haven’t seen each other much since the kids have been out of school.

2.  Tracking.  Blech, but necessary.

I got out of the habit of tracking since my kids got out of school, and boy is it showing on the scale.  You forget how just a few little things can add up to a few hundred calories a day.  I’m still not being super perfect about it, but something is better than nothing, which is what I was doing before.  I find myself constantly eating the same foods, and shoveling it in, not being mindful of portion or nutrients or balance.  I really need to force myself to be aware of what I am eating and drinking.  I’ve let myself really go on autopilot here.

3.  Races/running.  Time to get back on the horse.

It’s been so hot and sticky here that I haven’t really run much since my half marathon.  Finally, this weekend, I planned a five mile run at 7am.  It was still a little cool then, but already humid.  It wasn’t easy by any stretch, and I’d planned a challenging route to boot.  But I kept telling myself to stick it out, don’t cut it short, and I didn’t.  I felt fantastic afterwards.  It really is true, you’ll never regret a run, but you’ll always regret NOT doing one.  I finally just signed up for my next race, an evening run in 11 days.  I’m excited to do another race again.  Unfortunately I am sure I’ve already lost some of my fitness level in the weeks since my half, but I plan on getting in a few solid runs between now and then to hopefully get ready.

4.  Speaking of running and races….

I volunteered at a kids’ triathlon this weekend (I actually served on the committee that organized it) and it was so amazing to watch these kids conquer this athletic feat.  The three women I was working with most of the day, by the end, were all committing to training and taking part in an entry level triathlon next year.  I’m excited about taking on a new challenge.  I am quite sure I’m not cut out for a full marathon, so this feels like a great new challenge for me.  By this time next year, or shortly thereafter, I hope to be a triathlete.

I am putting all this down in hopes of getting my head back on track and stopping what definitely feels like a summer slide back into higher weights and bad habits.  I’ve worked so hard to get to this point, I definitely don’t want to go backwards.

Anyone else out there battling the summer slide?  How are you fighting back against it?



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