Wednesday Weigh In: Own It

I didn’t bother writing last Wednesday.  I was up, obviously.  No one likes to talk about it.  So I recorded the weight in MyFitnessPal and just moved on.  I mean, it’s boring reading the same “up, down, up, down” week after week here right?

I’m up again this week.  I wasn’t going to post about it, but what the hell.  I keep this blog for a reason, and it’s not to attract multitudes of people to sympathize, to relate, to love my posts.   It’s to work through my own issues, celebrate my accomplishments, and work through my setbacks so I can still move forward.  Mostly.

So with that in mind, I’ll quote Kristen from Real Housewives of New York City:

“Just freaking own it!”

Yeah, I’m feeling the summer slide.  Kids are home, it’s hot, it’s harder to get workouts in.  While there is lots of fresh produce in my house, there are also holiday parties, tired glasses of wine at night after a flood in the basement, rationalizations about how hard it is to get up for a run at 6am because 8am is no longer an option with the kids’ schedules.  It has happened to me for the last two summers.  It is just harder to keep up with my exercise in the summer.

But still, that’s no excuse.  Back in the glorious Summer of 2007 I lost weight consistently all summer, and it wasn’t because I was working out every day.  I was making better food choices.  I wasn’t guzzling down two glasses of wine every night.  It’s the same, same, same mantra I post here every time my scale is up.

But telling myself never gets old.  I never lose the great feeling I have when I have a day when all of the choices just click.  I actually had two of those days this week so far, Monday and Tuesday (which honestly means the .4 I am up this week probably could have been a lot worse).  I need to start each day fresh, keep telling myself to take this whole journey one day, one choice at a time.

I’m owning the choices.  I think sometimes I talk myself into thinking that this one extra bite of bread won’t matter, or that one more glass of wine isn’t going to make a difference.  But if I do that three times in one day, boom:  three hundred calories.  Do that five days a week?  That’s half a pound that I won’t lose, or that I will gain.

Each day, each choice.  It’s all up to me.

Just freaking own it!

Current Week: +0.4 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  13.2 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  28


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