June Progress Report

June is gone, it was the fastest month ever with everything I had to do.  Thank goodness summer is here and things have calmed down somewhat.  I was truly starting to feel a little insane!

1.  Run at least one race a month.

I ran one race this month, my Half Marathon.  But this still puts me ahead on this because I have several months with two races each.

2.  Run at least 2 10Ks this year.

This was done in April and May.  I am starting to think of running another now that the distance seems so manageable.  Maybe I should up this to three or four?  They’re hard to find though.  We’ll see.

3.  Run a half marathon.

Done, nine days ago!  I am still very happy I did it and already thinking of another one, because most any other one would be easier.  This one had hills, it was in the heat (although I know it wasn’t as hot as it could have been).  I don’t know if I will do one this fall because that means starting training again very soon and frankly I am looking for a few weeks of running because I want to, not because I have to.

4.  Finally reach my goal weight.

Totally stagnant here.  I am maintaining just fine but not losing.  I am starting to wonder if where I am is the happy place?  I feel good, healthy, and I fit in most of my “skinny” clothes from when I was nearly ten pounds lighter.  I know this is because of all of the exercise I do now that I didn’t do then.  I’m smaller, even though I weigh more.

Still would love to be down at least another five.  And it is doable, I just need to be serious about it.  Sigh.

5.  Am going to get back into the 30 day challenges now that the half is over.  This month I am doing the Beachbody Challenge.  It seemed appropriate.  I’ll update on how that goes in my weekly posts.

Overall I have pretty much hit most of my goals for 2014, and it’s only July 1.  I’m kind of amazed by it.  I need to add some new things in the mix to keep it interesting.  But I feel really good, in better shape than probably I have been in my whole life.  So even though I’d like to lose more weight, I feel pretty good about where I am right now.


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