The Road to the Half: Recovery

Everyone has been asking me “how do you feel?” in the four days since the half.  And I have to say, I feel much better than I thought I would.  I have to chalk it up to a lengthy training plan which I feel really prepared me for the race (if you’re wondering, it was the free Beginner Half Marathon to Finish in the RunKeeper app).

The worst thing by far for me has been my feet.  I’ve got blisters on several toes and they are still kind of sore.  I have very wide feet, and it took me forever to even find shoes that were comfortable to run in.  And I still think I have not found the best sweat wicking socks to prevent the blisters on long runs.  I’ve not had this problem really much before, only once I hit the 8+ mile mark.

That being said, I have had almost no soreness whatsoever in my legs, which has surprised me.  I did walk around a fair bit after the race, and stretched before I left the site.  I took a slow two mile walk the next day.  I did nothing the second day after, but I went to bootcamp yesterday.  Thankfully, we did strength work, which worked many other muscle groups.

Today I did my first run since the half.  I had planned on three easy miles outside, but I overslept and woke up to very humid 70+ degrees.  Blech.  I opted for the treadmill instead.  And it felt really good.  I kept it slow and easy, but felt strong the whole time.  The blister on my big toe started talking to me in the last mile, but otherwise, felt pretty much normal and recovered.

I have been being careful to drink more water than usual, and I think that has helped part of my recovery too.

Everyone keeps asking me, “Will you do a full marathon now?”  I have to say, at this point, the answer is a firm no.  I can’t ever imagine it.  The half was very hard for me, and it took a great deal of time and commitment to train for.  I can’t imagine running for six hours, which is what it would take me at a minimum, to complete 26.2.

That being said, I could see doing another half.  It would have to be a destination event, though, I think.  Not just another half locally that’s “fast and flat” or anything like that.  No matter what the terrain is, thirteen miles is a long way, and I’m going to need some other incentive other than to “just do it” to sign up for another.  Either traveling, awesome scenery, great friends, or something.

Have to say, though, it does feel really great to see that 13.1 magnet on my car.  🙂


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One response to “The Road to the Half: Recovery”

  1. stayhealthynfit4you says :

    Congrats on running your half marathon! Keep it up. I have yet to do a marathon too, but I know i’ll get there someday :).

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