Wednesday Weigh In: Three Weeks of Crazy

So if there is anyone out there reading this, you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything since May 31.  It has been an absolutely insanely crazy three weeks.  Here’s some of the highlights:

June 1:  Our town 5K that I put together.  It is the culmination of months of work.  I don’t run it, because there’s just too much to do (I did a training run along the route the day before).  It was a huge success!  Record number of runners, beautiful day, wonderful food, amazing spirit.  If you’re interested, go to our website and then to our Facebook page to see some amazing photos (it’s been so crazy I still haven’t put any on the main website).

June 2:  Hosted an awards ceremony for our local parents’ council, of which I am president.  After that, our local BOE meeting, of which I am a member.  So much for going through all of my race stuff.

June 3:  Last meeting of my parents’ council year, where I retire from my presidency.  Three hour long meeting plus luncheon afterwards.  Yeah, ditto to not going through my race stuff.  Or, frankly to posting my weigh in, which let’s just say was UP.

June 4:  My great aunt passes away.  Quick flurry to arrange travel to her services.

June 5-7:  Travel.  But not to my great aunt yet, to my 100 year old grandfather’s party.  Woohoo!  48 hours away from home, with family and fun.

June 10: Frantic packing, laundry for trip to FL.  Another weigh in that doesn’t go on the blog.  Also UP.

June 11:  Travel to Florida for my aunt’s services.  No logging, hardly any computer time, just family time.  Long three and a half days of travel and sadnesss.

June 14:  Land at airport just in time for my in laws’ 50th anniversary party.  OMG!  The whole family is here!  I haven’t been home to clean or get things ready!  Things aren’t perfect but oh well.

June 15 to today:  Try desperately to catch up on my life, keep up my half marathon training (IT IS THIS WEEKEND OMG) and not feel stressed that there are five extra people in my house, because they are family and I love them.  Yeah.  That’s it.

So it’s been kind of nuts here.  I did weigh in the last two Wednesdays but didn’t post about it.  They were up, each time, and not by a little.  I suppose I could have posted but I was pissed off on one hand and really too busy to bother on the other.  I had a feeling it would even out in the end, and it has.  Today’s scale reading brings me to a 2.8 lb loss over last week, which puts me back where I was before the last (four, omg) weeks of gains.  I wasn’t entirely sure about why I gained the last two weeks, so I’m not sure why the dramatic loss this time.  There might have been salt, there might have been periods, but mostly I think there was stress on both ends working the gains and losses.  So we’re moving back in the right direction, and I’m glad for that.  🙂

Current Week: -2.8 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  10.4 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  27.4


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