April Progress Report

April is already over.  Here’s the latest on march to meet goals I set for myself in 2014:

1.  Run at least one race a month.

I’m ahead on this one.  I didn’t run any in January, ran 1 February and 2 in March.  This month I completed the Donnelly Dash 3.5 Mile race and the Minuteman 10K race.  This will help me in say, July or December if I don’t end up signed up for anything.  I’m already signed up for a 5k and a 10K next month so I’ll be two ahead by the end of May.

2.  Run at least 2 10Ks this year.

This is in progress.  I ran the first one this past weekend in Westport and I’ll run the second on Mother’s Day in Norwalk.  I am really excited for the Mother’s Day one since I ran it last year.  Really looking to see some progress based on how the one this past weekend went.

3.  Run a half marathon.

Still training and on target for the 6/22 marathon.  At this point my longest run has been 8 miles, with a 9 miler scheduled for this weekend.  My shorter runs are now 4 and 5 miles.  This is real progress for me.  I am so curious to see how the 9 miler feels this weekend.  The 7 and 8 were both very challenging, but weirdly felt equally challenging.  In other words, once I ran the 7, I was OK during the 8 up until 7.  It seems like that last mile, the new mile, is always the hardest.  Part of that has to be mental.  I am going to have to start carrying my water belt on the long runs.  I parked in the middle of my route for the last one and stopped in the middle for water and that helped.

4.  Finally reach my goal weight.

This one is going backwards, and I have to get back on track.  I’m officially up two pounds in April, so 11.8 lbs to go towards goal.  Need to get my head back in the game.  I thought I was doing better and would erase some of the damage during the last week of April, but the scale didn’t agree.  I want to feel as good about my weight as I do about the progress I am making, and they go hand in hand anyway.  I’ve noticed when I choose better foods and am losing my performance seems to go up.  So need to do better on this front in May.

So glad it is finally starting to warm up here (although we are still having one of the coldest springs I can remember since I’ve lived here) and I can get my runs mostly in outside.  I am not sure how people train for early spring marathons like Boston; I don’t mind running out in the cold but this winter was really tough.  Looking forward to warmer weather and the summer ahead.



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