Wednesday Weigh In

Up exactly a pound.  Gr.

It matches my mood this week.  I’m trying not to be cranky during my kids’ Spring Break, but i am.  I’m fighting a cold, we haven’t gone anywhere while it seems like most of my friends have gone somewhere very sunny and very warm and to add insult to injury, it actually snowed here last night.  Not a lot, but enough to cover everything and make it look more like February 16, not April 16.

I feel tired and cranky and it isn’t a surprise at all to me that I’m up a pound.  I’ve not been as careful and I’ve been drinking more (sounds probably word for word what I wrote last week).  I had vowed to buckle down but I didn’t.  Instead, I had that extra slice of pizza, that extra glass of wine, that cookie here and there.  And it shows on the scale this.

When I went to Weight Watchers and had a week like this, they would say:  “It’s feedback, not failure.”  OK then.  It doesn’t erase my great race on Sunday.  It doesn’t erase that I’m still taking my sorry butt to bootcamp on the days I’m not running.  It doesn’t take away that I’m fitting into smaller clothes.

So I gained a pound.  Moving on and trying to shake the cranky.

Current Week: +1 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  10.4 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  27.4


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