Wednesday Weigh In

I think this week’s weigh in is one of those where it’s actually really reflecting more than just this week.  I had been surprised at last week’s gain, because mostly things had been going well.  So this week’s bigger drop than usual is likely more reflective of long term changes than a bang up week.

I lost two pounds this week.

There have been a few things I’ve noticed.  A few weeks ago when we started our bootcamp challenge, we were trying all stick to the 1200 calories a day, no matter how much we exercised.  But the weight didn’t seem to be moving for several of us in the challenge.  We were all doing exercise outside of class too:  either spinning or running or something else.

Each one of us started slowly increasing our calorie intake, essentially eating back the calories we burned for a net of 1200 a day.  Meaning, if I burned 400 calories running that day, I’d aim for 1600 calories instead of the 1200, to account for that calorie burn.

Overall, it seems to be working for most of us who are in on this weight loss challenge.

I am definitely eating more cleanly, more vegetables and protein, being better about the carbs.  I am definitely drinking less (though not teetotalling entirely as I had vowed after my stomach bug).  For now, things seem to be finally moving along after two years of slowly struggling with a pound here and a pound there.  I know part of it is the support of having ten other women working towards this with me at the same time.

This week?  This feels good.

Current Week: – 2 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  8.8 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  27.1 (can’t wait for this number to be in the 26s, the last one to conquer before a healthy BMI!)


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