Wednesday Weigh In

I am truly baffled by my gain this week.  My weight is up this week, 0.6 lbs.

I have been meticulously logging my food intake since starting my bootcamp weight loss challenge last week.  I have been faithfully hovering at just under or just over 1200 calories (most days just under) every single day, no matter my activity level.  I have exercised every single day since last Wednesday.  I have significantly reduced my alcohol consumption.

In other words, this should have been a killer week on the scale.

My only guess is that somehow, my loss last week was exaggerated by the stomach flu I had just recovered from (which I suppose is possible).  Or that there was a little too much salt in the food that I ate last night.  Or that after having gone a week without significant exercise, I am holding water while building back some muscle.  There could be a myriad of reasons why the scale is up rather than down.

This exact same thing happened to one of my fellow bootcampers this week.  She’d done all of the same things, and was actually up two whole pounds.  She was incredibly discouraged at class on Monday, and I consoled her by telling her that her hard work wasn’t for nothing.  That likely the numbers would rebound on the scale next week.  To keep plugging away at it despite the strange response from the scale.

And so I will do the same myself.

Current Week: +0..6 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  10.2 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  27.4


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