February Progress Report

I promised myself that I would continue my progress reports on the last day of every month, so here we are at the end of February.  Let’s see where we are at.

1.  Complete the 30 Day Squat Challenge in February.

I am doing this still.  I missed a few days from being sick, but with the amount of rest days in this challenge, I will catch up soon.  We are up to 220 squats a day.  I break it up to 50 or so and do it as many times as I need to.  I’m enjoying it.

Since I downloaded a 30 day challenge app with a lot of them in it, I’ve decided next month will be the burpee challenge.  We start small but end at 100 in one day.  Should be fun.  Well, should be challenging, anyway.

2.  Keep up my 2014 Run Streak for at least 30 more consecutive days (60 total).

I did not complete this.  I made it to 45 before I suffered a knee injury in a fall, and then I got sick.  I am getting back to running but I think it will be at least another few weeks before I can do it daily again.

3.  Run at least one race a month.

I did get in a race in February, the 4 miler I did on 2/8.  I have a 5K scheduled for March, but I was hoping to add a second to make up for the one I did not do in January.  I have a 4 miler in mind, if my schedule cooperates.  That will bring me back up to speed there.

4.  Run at least 2 10Ks this year.

There’s one at the end of April that I like.  I ran a Mother’s Day 10K last year, which I also liked, but it’s the day after our local animal shelter’s 5K.  Not sure if I want to back to back like that, so we’ll see.  But it’s early yet so I’m not worried about meeting this goal.

5.  Run a half marathon.

I registered for a race!  I will be running the Stratton Faxon Half Marathon on June 22.  I should have plenty of time to get ready for it.  I’m worried about it being warm that day, but I have heard great things about this race so I am psyched for it.  Plus it’s a big race, which I love, because it always means I’m not the slowest.  Maybe amongst the slowest, but not the slowest.

6.  Finally reach my goal weight.

I’m within ten pounds of this goal as of today, a damn sight better than I was this time last month.  And with our Bootcamp Fab, Fit and Fun challenge motivating me to stick to solid food choices and away from the booze, I’m feeling good about getting this one done this year.

Things are looking pretty good at the end of February!


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