Wednesday Weigh In

“I’m only one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”  Devil Wears Prada

Alright so it didn’t take me down to my goal weight by any stretch, but it did take me down significantly this week.  However, I did see the numbers start to rebound as of Sunday, when I started eating again.  They peaked yesterday, so I think that I can safely say that this is a real weight gauge, not just being super dehydrated.  I’ve been eating regular food for three days so I think this is where I’m at, with the losses from the stomach flu leveling out.

Down 3.8.  Stomach flu sucked, but damn, that’s the lowest number I’ve seen on a scale in five years, easily.

The reason why I think the number is real is because our bootcamp started our weight loss challenge this week.  And this time, my head is in it.  I talked about hitting the reset on my last post about my eating habits and my drinking post flu, and it’s so far been two really solid days of good, clean eating and no booze.  The number on the scale peaked yesterday, and then dropped back down again this morning.  So that’s reflective of the real food I’m eating now, not the crap I threw up nearly a week ago.

This time the challenge feels different.  Our bootcamp instructor had us all not only weigh in, but measure our bodies in like 8 different places.  I wish I’d done that when I’d first started bootcamp classes, because I can tell my body has more muscle and is tighter.  Still, it will be good to see how that works on this challenge.  She also had us do a fitness test, like a baseline of how many of various exercises we could do in sixty seconds.  I was day one post flu that day so my numbers were low, but again, it will show good progression and be motivating as we go.

But the biggest thing so far I think that is helping is we’re all trying to share ideas, recipes and photos of the food we’re eating.  It’s helping to think that there’s like eight or so of us all doing the same thing together at the same time.  Seeing what other people are eating and how they are tackling food choices is motivating and gives me ideas on how I can do things differently.  We’re all interacting online doing this and it’s like having a 24 hour a day support group.  It’s so far, two days in, been really wonderful and has made all the difference in my head space.

So I’m happy with my number this week, knowing the struggle both during and after the flu that it took to be here.  I’m super excited to see a BMI that is closer to a healthy weight than obese for the first time in a long time.  And I’m looking forward to the days ahead and figuring out good, creative choices that will keep me on the path toward my goal.

Current Week: -3.8 lbs
Total Weight Left To Lose:  9.6 lbs
Age:  43
BMI:  27.3


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