Last Wednesday night was like most nights in my world.  I’d had a late meeting and came home just before 9pm.  I settled down on the sofa with my husband and a glass of wine and some cookies.  The first glass led to a second, and then even a third.  It had been a long day and I wanted to unwind.  I didn’t give it a second thought, although I know I should have.

About three hours later I woke up with the most awful feeling that I was going to be sick.  I went to the bathroom and at first thought maybe I was wrong.

But I wasn’t wrong.  I was awfully, violently sick, for hours and hours.  By morning I was literally pleading with God to make it stop.

It did finally stop, but after it was all over and the mind numbing tiredness ensued from having been up all night with the sick, I slept.  I didn’t eat all day and the only thing I drank was water or ginger ale.  I was disgustingly tired and thirsty, but nothing else.  I had a headache.  I was wasted.

After four days and finally feeling recovered, it has really put a reset on me and my thoughts about what I am putting in my body.  In the days since the sick, I’ve been very careful:  will this help me feel better or not?  Is this a good choice considering my body’s current state or not?  I ate toast and soup for two days and pondered this.

It should really always be this way, this simple.  Will this food make me feel better, or not?  Will this drink help my body be healthier and well, or not?  Obviously the choices have been very simple for the last few days.  Now that I’m feeling better, they will get more murky, but the mindset is there.  I’m definitely more aware that my body is not invincible.  I cannot keep pumping booze and crap into it and expect it to still perform for me when I want it to.  I need to nurture my body not just in my exercise choices but in my food choices as well.

This illness was a wakeup call that was sorely needed.  Like pushing a reset button on my habits that had gotten so out of control I wasn’t even really conscious of them.  I’m not going to say I am grateful for getting sick, because it was absolutely terrible, but I definitely have a very different perspective on this side of it.


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